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        Guys, I’m interested in the SS cars from this area from back in the late ’60’s & early ’70’s. There were some very successful SS racers from the Dover area. Bill Blanding’s cars, Charlie Castaldo, John Sachs, the Speedwin cars etc. There were also many others which I’m not as familiar with and I was hoping I could get some help filling in the blanks? Below is a list of SS race cars from the area. In many cases I know a driver and car but I don’t know what class the car raced in or vice-versa. Anyone remember any of these cars? If so, please post what you recall or contact me by PM. Thanks. Mike

        Ed Capullo “DeRusso Chevrolet” 1968 Camaro 396
        Dusty Kyes “Blood Sweat & Torque” 1968 Roadrunner
        Tony Spaziani 1968 Camaro 396
        Bill Corbett 1969 Firebird 400
        SS/H Don Kirby “Wagner Motors”
        SS/BA “Mann & Sinkovitz” 1965 Coronet 426
        Brian Sherwood 1970 Cuda 426
        Bill Trifari (prior to the 1970 Cuda)
        John Mattina 1969 Nova 396
        John Accarino “My Revenge” 1968 Camaro 396
        John Clark ? Plymouth
        Stan Lizauskas “Crystal Ball” 1968 Mustang 428
        Dan Marchese “Pack Rat” 1968 Camaro (convertible?)
        SS/HA “Pete & Hitch” 1969 Mustang 428
        “Pete & Hitch Chi-Ray” 1969 Roadrunner
        Bill Jensen 1965 Belvedere 426
        SS/F “Savelle Ford” 1968 Mustang 428
        SS/BA “Jacobs Bros” 1965 Coronet 426
        SS/C Al Schaut
        SS/C Ron Mercurio
        SS/CA “Marong Chrysler Plymouth” 1968 Roadrunner 426


            Got a Whole Heading On Castaldo…Some of these way ‘south’ of Dover…my not have run there.If they did …might have been one-shot deal for a “money-meet”. You DO have as regulars: STORM KING , Bill Flynn, John Macey ,Centolanza Bros. Joe Kenney, Doc Burgess, Fred Egloff, Tommy Iorizzo, John Gunn, and a bunch more.


                Hiya Dino, There were some very famous racers who ran at Dover but I hope to get some info on some of the less prominent cars. Those Pete-Hitch cars might have been from New Jersey but I think the rest are from NY or CT. Mike


                    So what are we? chopped liver?
                    Storm King (original) Bill Smrtic ’64-’65. It had about 52 class wins between Dover and Lebanon Valley in two seasons.
                    Owned for a short time by Ray Benora, classes changed and it ran aa/sa
                    Storm King 2 (built from Black Arrow parts) 1969
                    The “Northeast Raider” originally owned by Jed St Angelo, later sold to Joe Beltempo
                    The Art Dury/Gramatan Dodge, driven by Jay Broderick, and we’ve got the Rickman and Nutson guys here on this site.
                    Many more Mopar super stock teams through the sixties. Benny Cardillo, Walt Balew, Billy Kolb, Dobbs Ferry Ford (sure wish we saw more of them), Charlie Lendrum, Boccanfuso Brothers, Centolanza Brothers, after my brother went to Pro Stock, Tony Smrtic. Somebody help me here, there’s a lot more! Vignonna…

                    And a little off topic…
                    I think I’d also like to comment that from about ’62 to 1969, Super Stock did not exist for any GM product. They simply had no cars that ran with the Fords and Mopars, period. It was only after NHRA fiddled with the rules enough to place an entirely new weight, class structure, and racing format in place, that GM could be assured of winning some races.
                    That’s nothing but a cold, hard fact. NHRA was desperate to get GM in the winners circle to help them sell cars and generate fans to watch the races. When Wally Parks retired from NHRA, he appologized to the Ramchargers for intentionally screwing Mopar with the way they rewrote the rules. You can look it up…


                        Hey Gary …it’s liver Pate’…so brain farted. 😀


                            Shouldn’t you be workin’ or sumptin’?


                                Yup …I am…Forum Administrator…Changing hats in a minute… the Shop all day catching up on the Dreaded ‘paperwork” .


                                    Storm…. thank you for the history lesson. That’s exactly what I was hoping for.

                                    Chopped liver? You misunderstand. I’m a stats guy and I love SS and I was fishing around for info on cars from NY & New England that I’ve heard of but really don’t know anything about and I thought this forum would be a decent place to ask. It wasn’t intended to slight anyone not listed which would include all well known racers.

                                    Some of the guys you mentioned though were before my time. My first trip to the drags was in 1970. I recall the Storm King Duster but not the ’64 Dodge or ’65 Plymouth. The ’65 Plymouth ran in SSCA in 1969?



                                        The chopped liver line must be before your time, too. It is a comedy line from a movie, was inteded to be funny, but apparently I have screwed that up several times yesterday! There’s pics on here somewhere of the ’65 S/S Storm King, Dino will probably go grab them and have them here before you know it, he’s like “Hammy” on “over the Hedge”, he moves so quick.


                                            Plenty of Photos in The Storm King Memory topic!


                                                OK Storm, It might not be just you though, Its not the first time a joke has got to be explained to me. It might be an old age thing with me. I keep thinking pretty soon the pharmaceutical companies will come up with the perfect man pill. It will clear your head and grow hair on it too, give you perfect recall, clear up your high bp and give you perpetual wood. Maybe someday.

                                                I found pictures of the ’65 in SS trim. Those ’65’s might be the prettiest Mopars ever.


                                                    I’m new member Ed Capullo and if I didn’t occasionally Google myself I would have never found this site. I could cry seeing the names of guys I remember. One correction I must make. My Camaro was a 1967 not a 1968. I did run in the NHRA Super Stock Circuit all over the Northeast. I mostly ran at Lebanon Valley in 69 and 70 but did make it down to Dover on at least one occasion. I won SS/C class with the car at the 1970 US Nationals came back to Ballston Spa and advertised it for sale. It was bought a month later by some gentlemen from Queens who loaded it up and hauled it away saying they were going to street race it for money. I got a new job in Harrisburg PA and as I was about to leave got a call from Latham Ford offering me fully sponsored ride in their 70 Falcon 427…lifes like that sometimes. BTW I didn’t see Don Green and his Golden Gasser mentioned in your Gasser section. He did the engine work on my Camaro originally back in 1968. I then did my own work out of Frankels Speed Shop in Schenectady. I started racing in 1960 at Fonda Dragstrip with some lady called Shirley Muldowney and even had the life insurance on Jack so I knew them well.
                                                    I remember running my 1960 I stock Dodge Dart at Dover and also my 60 Dodge convertible. I think I also made it down there in my 1964 409 convt. I do not remember if I ran my 1962 Corvette there. I went all the way to BDragster and finally gave up Drag Racing in 1974 when I moved to CT. There I met Don Scinto
                                                    and Ralph Butera was my neighbor in Fairfield (his wife took care of my kids) I got heavy into flying and then sports car racing where I have done fairly well running formula cars. My present engine builder is Mike Quadrini (“Q”) who said he ran rails at Dover in the early years. I have tons of photos and if I can put my hands on them I will scan some.


                                                        Hey Capn’ Welcome Aboard …FIND those photos …When you’re logged in …you can access the Dover Chronicals and Submited photos in The Multi-Media section( Bottom of Index page)….plenty of S/S names ,photos & results .


                                                            Hey Dino, didn’t Dickie Hempe run in SS/HA, like , forever? …………Mikey 😆


                                                                IT’s ALL here Someplace ! gotta use the the search feature….Put in a name and you may be surprised !:


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