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      Hi all,
      Anybody know what became of Bill Jenkins white ’66 Chevy II or his ’69 Camaro? Im a big fan and Im trying to find more info on these cars. Actually, trying to find whatever information on all the cars. Any other pictures or stories you all care to share would be much appreciated.
      Below is a link to my webshots site. I’d like to take credit for the pictures but its through the generousity of others that Ive posted them. Read that as I don’t own them.

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        Just checked out his Photo pages ! you better get a bag of chips ! He’s got Tons ! I’m Adding this to the search…Did Jenkins EVER Show Or Run at Dover ?

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          your right Dino awesome site
          bunch of pictures of stuff
          from the Dover area
          in the drag cars section
          will need a large bucket of pop corn for sure

          another note
          HAPPY EASTER to everyone,
          BOBBY s.

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            Bobby S. e-mailed me a bunch of referances to Dover stuff on his Album…Will be contacting him to get them sent. direct ..access to copy on these sites blocked anyway.

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              Good stuff Dino. Im looking for the use of Jenkins, Monster Mash, Black Arrow, Joe Gardner pictures etc. Anything related to Jenkins Competition would be of great help.
              Thanks once again

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                The ’69 car was either leased by or sold to Rickie Zul after his car was stolen in the early days of pro stock. Lemme get Bill on here to add to that and maybe correct me.

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                  Richie leased the ’70 car from Bill, before purchasing it.

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                    Nice picture and info on the Monster Mash ’55 chevy
                    in the May issue of Hemming Muscle Machine magazine
                    taken at Dragway 42 in Ohio in 1965
                    top hale of page 37, it tells of owners and the first owner
                    Bill Spanakas, who usto work for Jenkins,
                    Bill still races in Div 1 with a first series chevelle wagon
                    in stock class, AND YEP Bill kept the name Monster Mash
                    if you go to a Div 1 race ask for SPIDER, that’s his
                    nick name every one know’s him by.

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                      Anyone have contact info for Bill Spanakos? Please PM and let me know.
                      Many Thanks

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                        Hi Doug
                        I’ll get on it this weekend for you,
                        when I was with Andy
                        Bill’s daughter named all of us the ZOO CREW
                        it stuck and it ‘s on our bounch of cars,
                        he is in PA still.
                        Bobby S.

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                          All of the cars, motor home, parts and stuff is sitting in his garage at his shop in Pennsylvania. It is quite the museum full of stuff. Prototype stuff from GM, aluminum hoods all kinds of wild stuff. Just thought you’d like to know.

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                            Thank you Don

                            ………………looks like you’re going to have to make a visit ! …{edit-dino}

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                              Heres a photo of the Grump that i found in the shoebox. I grew up about twenty five miles away from his shop and
                              would see a lot of the cars that he drove and prepared each week at the area tracks. On opening day at Cecil County
                              in 1965 my friends were going to make a run in their 409 chevy powered A/altered. When they started it they hadn’t
                              warmed it up enough and it backfired and blew the breather cap about thirty feet in the air. It came down right where
                              Grumpy was standing he caught it and walked over and handed it to us.


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                                I love the corn fields in the back ground 😆 ……………………………………tomato 😆

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                                  I never noticed Dutch Irgang’s name on that car before. We used to run him when he ran Jungle Jim’s Vega pro stocker.

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