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        Dude!!!! I see your car and now I remember you…Great talking to you again and I hope you stay on the site and post…Billy is doing well and we speak at least 2 times a week and of course bust each others nuts like we always did..You should go to the party in March and you will see some of the old crew…Talk soon……..Don…..


            bobrizzi, Don’t know how but I forgot to mention…RAY………. PLEASE get me his phone number..I’ve been trying to contact him…….I have a bunch of his work posted from my cars……..One of my favorites……..Don….


                Funny This started By Jim V…and ended up here …About ‘Lettering Guys’ SEE:

                    quote bobrizzi:

                    …He told me last month he has a copyright on this picture…

                    Attn: Bob Rizzi…

                    Don’t worry about that. Here is your new Avatar, if you want to use it. Ray Ronski will see it as free advertizing for his business anyway.

                    Right click on the image and find “Save Picture As…” in the pop-up menu. Then follow the prompts to save the avatar somewhere on your hard drive. Then go to your DDS dot com profile and up-load the avatar ( if you like it… ) and it will appear on all of your posts.



                        I am only kidding on the copyright. I know Ray Ronski for 40 years and I always tell him that he is my “OLDEST FRIEND” (sorry Ray…. HA! HA! ) I am going to have my son set this up because I am computor illiterate . thanks “RIZZI”

                            quote dinotheweirdo:

                            Jim V …Jump in Here !

                            I remember the car but i don’t remember Ray.Did he work out of Yonkers on McClean ave near tracys motorcycle/


                                Ray was from the Mclean area did alot of track cars and alot of the tow trucks ,Ricky’s Towing big rigs etc..I spoke to Billy Casey the other day were you around 3x area


                                    bobrizzi………….Ricky’s Towing was my sponsor on one of my Camaros for two years..I spent a lot of time with him…Check out the white and green on my car…( Ricky’s colors) Ed tucker painted the car the same guy that did Rickys trucks…………Go in to new guys and gals and look up my name …..Pics of the car will be posted there…..Don…


                                        JIM…they’re taken over your Hello topic…Jump in …Its gone into Yonkers talk.


                                            Hi All ,
                                            my name is lou saltarelli from yonkers hung out with a lot of central ave boys. michael loia supersport nova,danny farmer corvette, ray and lou albano 396 runners. my brother-in law ran out of the bronx burke ave speed shop he had a 65 plymouth wagon 383 cam,4 speed turned mid 13s. use to love going to dover brings back alot of good times. never had a car of my own byt a lifetime of good rides. midland ave bridge to bridge, hutch opened my brother-in laws headers and off we went. white castle on allerton ave what night. traffic light whole shots. thank you all for keeping these great times alive. remember billy casey and he probly remembers me.trying to dig out some pics of my brother-in laws cars. they also ran a c-gas dragster from the speed shop good friends with charlie castaldo.


                                                Dino another one of us “YONKERS BOYS” Louie took you long enough Casey is going to love this. I spoke to him yesterday . Take over on some of our “street stories” on the “Short Sprain” the low end of Central Ave etc,etc, Riz~~~

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