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        Just got this (us late night ODFs)….
        Hi Dino,
        You’ve done a super great job with the DoverDragStip website. As far as my “SixFiend” 57′ Chevy, I do have photos and will gather them up and submit them at some point in time. I have quite a few photos scattered about so I’ll be working on getting them together. But to hold you over I’ve attached two pictures of the 57 taken on a Sunday afternoon in front of Steve’s ESSO Garage in Hopewell Jct, NY… showing the trophy Doug Smith and I won at Dover that day. In fact the first time we took the car out we hadn’t decided who would drive so we both made time trials and the fastest one drove. By some luck that was me. Doug Smith (now living in Franklinton, NC) was my best friend back in the day, and we did a lot of car stuff together. I’ll see what he has for memorabilia too.

        And speaking of Hopewell Jct. brings to mind the Crankmasters Auto Club.
        I was a member so I will try and track down some of the members.

        Also I plan on becoming an ODF soon. And I will spend more time on the website. In fact I should be working on my business taxes right now. The tax man cometh and thats this Friday for me.

        Pat . . . SixFiend



            Welcome Pat, long time, no see! I’m at Brownell Motors now and my trains are still rolling over the bridges I bought from you at your speed shop/ train supplies on Market Street. Jack Karl


                Welcome Pat,
                Alot of great memories here! Hope you plan on coming to our 1st Annual Dover reunion race at Island this fall. I’ll see you at the NETO events this year.

                Bob Smith



                    Pat “Sixfiend” that is one COOOOOL “150” I’ve had several myself and have a BelAir now but the 150’s are my favorite.

                    Welcome aboard.



                        Do you have any information about what engine modifications Pat Hennebery had for his six cylinder F/MP Chevy…? Carberators…? Valve train…? Pistons…?


                            hi pat … billy here … were did you buy the trophy 😆 😆 😆


                                Hi Bill…. you know it was probably an OCT (one car trophy) 😳

                                And thanks to you all for the welcome aboard. This must be a lively group if Casey is still aboard… 😆 😆 😆

                                Pat “Sixfiend” Hennebery


                                    at you ain’t seen nothin yet…wait’ll ‘ Video Bob’ and ‘Tomatoehead’ checks in on you .



                                        Dino, get out there and find another FATTED CALF!!
                                        Another Prodigal Son has come home!!
                                        Prepare a feast to celebrate a sons return!!!
                                        Bring a robe to put around him a ring for his finger and sandals for his feet!!
                                        Welcome home, welcome aboard the SS Dover Drag Strip .Com!!
                                        Find a comfy place to rest your tired bod!!
                                        Join ODF ??
                                        Its gotta be sooner than later,find those pics NOW,we might not be here later!!!
                                        Get the guys that usat go to DDS with you,its been long enough, get em on board!!
                                        We are set to sail and there is no stoppin the good ship SS Dover!!
                                        Dont miss out on being part of this historic forum.
                                        Still have that CAMARO ??
                                        Get some pics on !
                                        Buddies got cars ,getem on !!
                                        BIG Dover Drag Strip race at Island Dragway Oct.18th,get the guys n girls and a car to race,you got 218 days!!!
                                        Welcome home,health and happiness,

                                        ‘V’ Bob


                                            u’ve been in that place up-there too long 😆
                                            Pat had the camaro out for the last 2 seasons 😳
                                            he’s in with us a NETO member 😮
                                            can’t wait for you to come out and play in the
                                            racing gas fumes again 🙄 🙄

                                            MISS ya hope to see ya tomorrow
                                            at the meeting (14th)

                                            Dino making more copies of the fliers OK ❓ ❓
                                            the hooks are still in the stores and post offices
                                            where I put them
                                            before you ask it is
                                            on the COMMUNITY wall NOT MOST WANTED 😆 😆 😆

                                            video teaser looks great a big THANK YOU
                                            to you & the rest of the team there,

                                            Bobby S.


                                                Hey Pat,
                                                Haven’t spoken to you in a while. Joe Huestis keeps me informed on what is going on up there. Maybe I will get some time to see everyone at the reunion.
                                                Remember…..”Ain’t it enough to make you SIX.” (on the tail of the Mad Frenchman Maverick) 😀



                                                    Hey Fred…. yea its been a long time. Maybe you can get Joey Huestis and Doug Smith out of the dark ages and have them check out this forum. 😆 😆 😆


                                                        Hey at lease He s got a trophy 😉 ❗ I wish I had one Dover trophy 🙁 ….so is the Camaro a 4 speed ❓ theres going to be a 4 speed class at the race 😀 ………..hey maybe you could call the Camaro “Son of Six Fiend” 😆 ❗ ……………….tomato


                                                            I entered the Camaro at the US Nationals as “Sixfiend III”. After we sold the 57′ Doug Smith and I built a 62/63′ box Nova and put the 292 in it. We only ran a few time’s but that was “Sixfiend II”. I was in the Navy and couldn’t get home much so Doug pulled the engine, trans and Old’s rear out and put a street 283 with powerglide in it so his sister had a car to drive to school. I cannot find one picture of that car anywhere 🙁


                                                                Happy Birthday Pat ! …….

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