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    quote dinotheweirdo:

    Happy Birthday Pat ! …….

    Ditto from Mikey!! 😆


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    Happy Birthday Pat, many more., Jack


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    Thanks for the Birthday wishes guys. My wife threw a small surprise party for me last nite with some of my NETO racing buddies. It was nice. Now we just need the temperature to go up a little so I can get to work on my projects (Camaro). First NETO race is at Island May 2nd.


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    hi Pat , Billy here …. where were you last week … the dover fest was great , i was sure you would have been there , Happy Birthday … Billy


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    HI PAT, TIM HALLOCK here, last saw you at the car show in the PARK in WAPP. I think. HAPPY birthday, I am not having anymore myself. dont get any gifts just get older. TIM, 73 & holding


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    To Pat H.
    Did this 57 have a 4 BBL manifold and straight headers? I still have it!

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