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        Ah…MASO with his Prose-poems… got me thinking…As I pulled out of Island ,and saw this Hippie freak walking down “Island road”, and the “The Song “Woodstock” by C.S.N.&Y. popped in my head …….So, this goes with that music :

        Came upon a Dover Guy
        He was walking along the road
        and I asked him where you going
        and this he told me
        I’m going down to Tony’s Track
        I’m going to join in a rock ‘n’ race meet
        I’m going to try an’ get a good seat
        I’m going to be with my old friends
        We are Dover
        we are golden
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        Back to the Good Times

        By the Time we got to Island
        We were half a decade strong
        And everywhere there were cars and smiling faces
        And I dreamed i saw the gassers
        Doing burnouts in the sky
        And they were turning the tachs to redline
        Above our Pit Spot
        We are Memry’s
        60 year old Teens
        We are Golden
        Caught in times gone by
        and wev’e got to get ourselves
        Back to the Pit Gate

        …………………………….with apologies to Joni Mitchell 😛


            The two pictures of Pat’s MG and the Bad News cars about 45 years apart is really special. It is amazing to see the same two cars on the same side of the track so many years apart. It is like it was yesterday.

                quote dinotheweirdo:

                Ah…MASO with his Prose-poems… got me thinking… 😛

                Keep up the good work… son.


                    ….got all the reports today. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Tricky Rick Russel (Stormin Stovebolt) said he thought he died and went to heaven, except for his clutch hanging up. sorry I couldn’t make, had some family and church stuff to attend to.

                    I will be there next year….

                    …………………”Economy Signs”-Danbury,Ct.


                        Dino…that rendition of CSN’s “Woodstock” needs to be put to music and burned on a CD!! Next year’s theme?? At the very least on the home page of the site. I can see it now “Dover Drags-Greatest Hits” for $4.99. Know any good tribute/cover bands?

                        Bobby Smith
                        …………………………..Could ..Can’t -Copyright …Live Performance OK ..OPPS -How ’bout A Band -YEAH! Verm And the Guys !(NotThemAgain ) At The 2nd Annual ! ..asked once way back Who Played, to form our own Band (I got a Strat)…the Dover Delinquents…Wingdale Wacko’s…..GEZZER BURNOUTS 😆


                            My son & I towed up from North Carolina Fri nite – Sat morning to get to the track at 8.30, asked were the Dover cars were being parked, was told where ever you can find a spot. We pulled my ( 67 Camaro DETERMINATION that ran Dover from 1970 thru 1976 ) out of the trailer and went through inspection. Had two time trials, was just getting use to the track as I have not had that car to the track since 1990 ( The Valley ). Went out in the 1ST round .008 Red light but still had fun!!!!
                            For next year if there is any way to either rent the track or have Dover only in part of the pits it would help with being with people that haven’t been together in 34 + years. Had A good time and met friends that I haven’t seen in a long time.


                                Roger…Good Points …Think Going to Two Days Will solve the Getting Together Thing…[Us old guys Ain’t used to that hustle to pull-in /unload/tech/time/trail & Run.]… If we want to get some Socializing In. Goal for next time to be less hectic…laid back and catch everything. Sorry -I saw you in one of my blurs…I didn’t like that either. IF we do it right…guys “Could ” test & tune on a Friday Night and get parked If they choose Too. Dover Guys to Have ‘Reserved Area’ . . .catch that Bobby! And I hear Old Tony has some expeariance with Chicken Barbacue Nights , he does on Wednesdays…Just the Thing !


                                    Hey there,Chris Kraft & crew ,had a great time in the 4 speed eliminator all the way to the final. we run a .400 pro tree & could’nt make the adjustment to the sportsman tree,therefor an embaracing red light. We had a great year finishing second in the N.E.T.O. series. What a way to end the season, had a blast. See you next year! Santa promissed me a practice tree for Christmas! Chris Kraft -55 Chevy

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