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      ‘Upstairs Bob’ might be “In the Shop” for repairs….Said in an E-mail “I took a nasty spell on the iced up ground and might have a fractured hip”. Sorry to hear a “Dover-Brother” hurting…so why not send him a cheer up, get well message?…we’re thinking about ya buddie ! heres his e-mail address…………….

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        Sorry to hear about your fall and hope everything turns out ok 🙁 . What about the attic!!!!!! 😆
        Get well soon.

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          Tom …Video Bob->Attic…Upstairs Bob…lives OVER Jayces(OLD SAM”S) in of (Lately) plenty of Snow ,Ice and more predicted …All northeast guys telling me weather JUST won’t give them a break…power out , Plain Busted’s phones out ..icy roads ….overtime plowing it’s pretty bad (unsafe) and continuous.

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            …In Fact,its snowing right now!

            …..Hudson Valley checks in [edit-dino]

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              So many Bob’s. Upstairs Bob….we wish you well and take care.

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                Hey Upstairs Bob,

                Get well soon. You don’t have to go far for some medicne for that fall, just downstairs.

                Snowing in Carmel now.


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                  Upstairs Bob, Take care and stay warm. I’m a ski instructor and right now I’M tired of this stuff.

                  GET WELL SOON!


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                    🙁 hi bob sorry to hear about your trip on the ice i hope you mend quickly we met at the dover party and you are one hell of a funny guy get well soon my friend

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                      Hi, Bob I have not seen you since Doverfest if you need anything let me know . I ‘ll be around there on thurs I’ll stop in and see ya . Take care Brian M

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                        From one Bob to another…..Get Well. Hope to see ya sometime this season. This winter continues to “drag” (sorry..had to do it) on. Still snowing in Orange county @ 4 AM.

                        Bob Smith

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                          “What the Blue blazes is going on ….I got an inch and a half of SNOW overnight down here in Rockingham…And almost Fell on MY ass with all the ice. I’m the only one with bags of ice-melt salt in the county (yankee Inginuity).Schools closed and roads a solid sheet of “black ice”…temp not going above freezing most of day. Stay safe my friends !

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                            Hi Bob … great meeting you at the doverfest … after reading what happened to you , i told my wife that she should go shovel the snow this morning 😛 i just got finished 😆 … Billy

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                              Hi Bob, I’m sorry to hear about your mishap. We met at Doverfest. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Jack Karl

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                                Upstairs Bob,
                                So that’s what ya gotta do ta get some attention on this site!!!!
                                We’ll I put on 2,000 miles per week and another hour drive to Wingdale wont kill me!!
                                I can stop by Sunday if you need stuff at the store,help with something,(I don’t do sponge baths) but will help in other ways etc.!!I got a foot locker from Nam up in the attic that has something for all that ails ya!!
                                Here’s the best I can do for ya right now, a pair of MOPARS something from the attic,if ‘Father Dino’ lets it stay on !!

                                take care,


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                                  Video-Bob..thats two pair …and Upstairs needs the Cheer-up !…Oh …nice offer… Dover Guys helping Dover Guys

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