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        After reading a post in another thread about the T & K El Camino it sparked some interest. First was this a Tony Chickery car? I read that it ran A/MP…..what motor/trans. combo did it run? What kind of times? As a kid I remember it being one of my favorites to watch along with Bill’s Super Pumpkin (Camaro). Any pics, history or what happend to the El camino would be cool. Thanks!!

        Bob Smith


            TONY MONE….Good Lookin guy…Shades…. FloridaSmile …”Hey, how Ya Doin”….Mone Construction ,Yonkers .The Car started out on the Street .”Odd Job”.on tail gate…lived in Danbury. Ran stock ,then Modified. Eventually turned into all out racer. The “T” for Tony.Went through a couple of lettering jobs. I did one, Chip Z. another time.



                its bin on b4 butt hear it iz again!!




                    Thats my lettering in these shots…HEY -Where IS HE?…Danbury guys ? maybe ‘action rat’ knows …oh Tommy…….


                        Sorry Dino…don’t have a clue…would’nt know where to start
                        last saw Tony 39.. wow.. 39 years ago
                        he sure would be great to locate..hmmm


                            last time i saw tony jr he said he was in fla grover


                                Can WE Contact Tony jr. somehow AND GET HIm on the Forum ? I’ll have Dover CSI do a search in Florida For Tony SR.


                                    Bob (HVY70SS),

                                    I’m going from memory on Tony’s El Camino “ODD JOB”
                                    1969 SS 427, 4-speed.
                                    Ran A/Stock in 70′ and I think 71′. Ran 11.70’s or so. Always in $ Stock Eliminator.
                                    Would drop the tailgate in Time Trials (when the car was in A/S) to reduce wind drag, and lower the ET. Was very succesful in A/Stock.
                                    Went to A or B/MP in 72. Installed the canopy cover for the trunk opening. Car had to run somewhere in the high 10’s.
                                    Tony kind of disappeared in late 73′, like alot of guys. May have run a little in 74?
                                    Can anyone remember this race in late 1970.
                                    Tony’s A/S El Camino versus Ron Frost in the T/S Volvo.
                                    I think the records were something like 11.50 for A/S and 16.50 for T/S.
                                    Tony could have had a sandwich and a beer, while waiting for the Christmas Tree lights to fall.



                                        Paul’s memory jogging mine…Now I remember ….how do you keep coming up with these great recallections? ….Keep on the medication…works good ! 😀



                                            Medication: Black Beauty’s and an occasional hit of THC.
                                            At least thats what worked when I went to that bar on Route 52 in Lake Carmel/Kent.
                                            The “ZIG ZAG”. remember that rock bar. All the Dover speed freaks from Putnam went there and participated in and had a “Chemical Reaction” one time or another.
                                            As for Tony Mone, always wore those black-rimmed glasses. Looked like he could have been a hit-man for the mob. Italian, in the construction business, and from Yonkers ❓
                                            Nice guy.
                                            As for that race in 70′ with Ron Frost’s Volvo, Tony caught him. Remember all the people
                                            at the starting line laughing as the lights went down the old Christmas Tree, as the Volvo got further and further down the track. Tony launched the El Camino like a rampaging bull
                                            (when other guys may have just said the hell with it, because hardly anyone caught that
                                            T/S Volvo) and flew down the track (on the tower side lane) and caught him, and disappeared over the horizon. The people at the starting line went nuts when the right side
                                            winners light (pole above the traps) went on. Nobody could believe he caught him.



                                                Another Dover CSI Case successful ! Tony Mone 3rd (Son) located in Brookfield, Ct.! ….born ’75 ..makes him 35 …too young for Dover ‘cept cruisin’ the pits in a stroller..awaiting return phone call.


                                                    Ka-Ching! He’s just as nutty now as then ! JUST got off the the phone with Tony ! he’s alive and active near the Outer Banks,in N.C. Has some ‘Toys’ ….Supercharged Boats …I’ll let hm fill you in. Watch for him soon ON THE FORUM !User Name ? what else ? —>”oddjob”…. Another Dover Guy FOUND !….for Video Bob to Greet. Here’s one from the ODF vault-1969




                                                        What, another former Dover Drag Strip graduate leaves the northeast for North Carolina ➡
                                                        Though I was a little off on the dates, I think I got the basics down.
                                                        Tony must have campaigned in A/Stock in 68′ and maybe early 69′, before going to
                                                        Modified Production. So he had to race that little T/Stock red Volvo during those dates.
                                                        Now we know that El Camino ran well, so it had to run in the 11.70’s during A/Stock.
                                                        The A/S record for the beginning of 67′ was 11.66, and had to be lower a year and half later.
                                                        Maybe Tony or family can confirm car classification. Do remember that the El Camino
                                                        ran against the kid from Yorktown with the A/Stock 67′ dark-red GTX street-hemi (no lettering).
                                                        Back in the days when you had to win your class first (in stock), then race to the tower
                                                        to enter in $ Eliminator. Usually the last races of the day, ending around 6:30 or so.




                                                            In the Tony Mone “Odd Job” picture in the Gasser/Modified pits behind the tower.
                                                            Is that the black 69′ El Camino C/Gas “Twistin Texan” alongside Tony’s El Camino.

                                                            Trying to track down a couple of friends who have pictures of Dover. Hopefully will join site and share their memorobilia.
                                                            Should add “The Automobile Shop” to your speed shop file. Bill Davitt’s place, off Railroad Avenue in Bedford Hills. Great shop. Prepped alot of cars in the early and mid 70’s.
                                                            Ran that beautiful 71′ 340 Duster in SS/IA. Ran 11.90’s, always in the semi-finals or finals of $$/Eliminator. May have had a little help from Ed Hamburger (out of Ohio?) on that car.
                                                            He just couldn’t get around Tom Iorizzo, in that 68′ SS/I Camaro. (Circa 72′ and 73′)



                                                                Paul …The Automobile Shop, pretty much covered here, click on :

                                                                use the search feature….lot of stuff ‘buried’ in all these topics.

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