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        Gotta make Paulie our official “Statistician” how does he do that ?


            I’m a little blank on where Tommy Iorizzo ran in and 71’and 72′, but I think it was in SS/I
            with the 68′ Camaro.

            Also, a black Impala SS 427 was running in D/Stock in 1970.

            I do remember he ran his 68′ Camaro in SS/I in 1973,,,,,,,,that is a definite,,,,,
            before going into E/MP.



                …….. now Iam just guessin but he musta been there and musta had a rule book ………………”Statistician” 😕 I cant even pronounce that word 😀



                    I was there, pretty much every Sunday (really 80 % of the Sunday’s) from mid-1967 thru 1973.
                    About a dozen or so Sundays in 1974,
                    And a handful of times in the ‘Death Years’ 1975 and early 1976.

                    Yep,,,,,,got those NHRA Rules Books too,,,,,,,,,,,,Mucho Helpful,,, 😉

                    Still remember Tommy in the 68′ Camaro (SS/I in 1973) versus Bill Davitt’s 70′ 340 Duster (SS/IA)
                    in several Super/Stock Eliminator Finals.
                    ‘Great Races’

                    PC,,,,,Statistician; an expert in or compiler of statistics……. 😀


                        More Tom Iorizzo questions,,,,,,

                        Have been told (not sure if it’s correct),

                        In 1969, he ran a 66′ or 67′ Chevelle SS396 in C/Stock.
                        And or a 427/425 HP 66′ Chevrolet Imapala Super Sport, or Biscayne, also in C/Stock.

                        pc,,,,,,,, ❓






                                            Great pics.. 😎 ……R.I.P. Tommy …Miss you.. 🙁 ………………Don….


                                                Painted this on my wall


                                                    I was good friends with Tom and Janet back in the day we spent a lot of time together last time I saw him my heart broke. Tom was tough as nails to the end. he was a fierce competitor and a good friend. he would greet you at his house with his familiar AH!!
                                                    I’m very new to the computer and this message is long overdue to Janet and young Tom. its true what they say you either loved or hated him I choose the ladder. I think of him often and I do miss him. thanks for the friendship and the memory’s Tom. I miss you god bless and rest in peace. with love to the family
                                                    -Joe Sciacca-


                                                        Thanks, Joe! I always remember seeing you out on the water on the boats. Hope all is well. Mom says hello!

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