What’d you all get for Christmas?

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    Thanks Bill….Christmas is a perfect example of “The Times …They Are a-Changing”….My kids get a WII game..master it and play non-stop. Dad Tries and they beat me and mom too. My kid was on a computer at 5 …In my day the big deal was when TEXAS Instruments cam out with a- WOW -portable calculator.The entire run of Dover was without a PC. REmember when That Song “the Times They Are A-Changing ” came out…And we went through some “radical ‘ changes back then. BUT NOW .We see changes like never imagined: Gov’t- Finance-Wall Street -‘Global Economy’-Internet Commerce -computers Speeding things WAY too fast to correct…As Bobby Lagana told me (And he’s Been Through it ALL)…Whatever you did before WILL NOT WORK anymore…It’s All Differant…REINVENT how you do things. Bill Is right…. “those Days” are Gone,Gone, Gone and just about everything else ….Granted …most got caught off guard and we found ourselves unprepared to adjust to the rapid junk thrown at us in the past year. Well…I’m Gona Master that WII…And look down “the Road” and use this as a lesson to , as the Who sung “We Won’t Be Fooled Again”

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    Mr. McEwen was this year’s “Bestest and Most Generous Gift” winner. He handed me an original OCIR Last Drag Race poster. I’ve always wanted one, as drag racing art and programs make up most of my worthy collectibles. I have a few Youngblood and Ibusuki Artist Proofs, and a few original NHRA event posters, among other hangables. The biggest problem is the cost to frame ’em.

    Anyway, I told The ‘Goose I was doing an OCIR story and he said he still had some posters left and he’d be happy to dig one up so I could photograph it. I said, “How ’bout I just buy it from you and then photograph it.” He replied, “Merry Christmas.” I told him I’d prefer to pay him for it, because things like that will help fund his retirement. He wouldn’t hear any of that.

    To a kid who could only read about The Last Drag Race from 3,000 miles away, that’s huge. I was about 10 years too late to see OCIR. If it were still there, it’d be about a half-hour away. 😥

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    Hey Dino, I had to sell my pre CBS Strat and Princeton amp to buy parts for the race car….That sux because if I had that today I could sell it an buy a nice hot rod………..Don……..

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