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            Uh oh …he’s started it now …Loooook Out .Nah really…wouldn’t be nice to sometime just Take A Break !


                Yeah, and whatever we’re fighting for, we’re gonna stop fighting for it in 18 months. If we’re not gonna go in and kick A–, then let’s bring the guy’s home & start getting ready to fight them here.


                    HERE WE GO AGAIN!
                    I agree! But if you bring them home the fight should be with the Government, that’s were the problem LIES!

                    This is not the place for politics but “VOTE THEM ALL OUT”


                        What years in ‘Nam Bob? How ’bout You others …? No politics ..just “Been There Done That” …sometimes you Vets come in on Holidays BUT …Guess We”d All like to Know Who was fightin while we were Playing. I Had a Back Ailment that Gave me a defurment,so I went to Art School During Dover-Woodstock Era. But my Dad was Lt.Col. G-2 Army Reserve since WWII ( Almost went to Bay of Pigs Thing)….And taught Me and My brother ‘right’ .Before Dover Tech Guy ,My Brother Did 4 yrs Air Force.Times have changed and then again some things Haven’t. Has a lot to do with How Things ‘changed” at the track Too during the mid sixties.


                            Good web site ” throw the bums out “, check it out. Lots of good links to car stuff too.











                                            Pretty cool pictures, I bet they bring back some memories. My brother Dan was in Nam also. He came back with a brand new 67 tri power Vet convertable.
                                            He racer at Dover before he went over there. He raced a 62 Impala 409/409.





                                                    NAM VETS …Pass this On …V-Bob Sent Me
                                                    Subject: Three new illnesses added to the presumptive list for Agent Orange

                                                    Any veteran who served in Vietnam (boots on the ground and/or the inland waterways) and has been diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) please contact The Department Service Office and make an appointment. There will be three new illnesses added to the presumptive list for Agent Orange. The term the VA is using is Ischemic Heart Disease. This is CAD. Contact this office at 860-594-6600. If you are Vietnam veteran with CAD and have been represented by another Veterans’ Service Organization please contact them for assistance.

                                                    John P. March Jr..
                                                    Department Service Officer
                                                    The American Legion
                                                    Department of Connecticut





                                                            …..Just in From BOBBIMAC:

                                                            NEW CHRISTMAS POEM

                                                            TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS,
                                                            HE LIVED ALL ALONE,
                                                            IN A ONE BEDROOM HOUSE MADE OF
                                                            PLASTER AND STONE.

                                                            I HAD COME DOWN THE CHIMNEY
                                                            WITH PRESENTS TO GIVE,
                                                            AND TO SEE JUST WHO
                                                            IN THIS HOME DID LIVE.

                                                            I LOOKED ALL ABOUT,
                                                            A STRANGE SIGHT I DID SEE,
                                                            NO TINSEL, NO PRESENTS,
                                                            NOT EVEN A TREE.

                                                            NO STOCKING BY MANTLE,
                                                            JUST BOOTS FILLED WITH SAND,
                                                            ON THE WALL HUNG PICTURES
                                                            OF FAR DISTANT LANDS.

                                                            WITH MEDALS AND BADGES,
                                                            AWARDS OF ALL KINDS,
                                                            A SOBER THOUGHT
                                                            CAME THROUGH MY MIND.

                                                            FOR THIS HOUSE WAS DIFFERENT,
                                                            IT WAS DARK AND DREARY,
                                                            I FOUND THE HOME OF A SOLDIER,
                                                            ONCE I COULD SEE CLEARLY.

                                                            THE SOLDIER LAY SLEEPING,
                                                            SILENT, ALONE,
                                                            CURLED UP ON THE FLOOR
                                                            IN THIS ONE BEDROOM HOME.

                                                            THE FACE WAS SO GENTLE,
                                                            THE ROOM IN SUCH DISORDER,
                                                            NOT HOW I PICTURED
                                                            A UNITED STATES SOLDIER.

                                                            WAS THIS THE HERO
                                                            OF WHOM I’D JUST READ?
                                                            CURLED UP ON A PONCHO,
                                                            THE FLOOR FOR A BED?

                                                            I REALIZED THE FAMILIES
                                                            THAT I SAW THIS NIGHT,
                                                            OWED THEIR LIVES TO THESE SOLDIERS
                                                            WHO WERE WILLING TO FIGHT..

                                                            SOON ROUND THE WORLD,
                                                            THE CHILDREN WOULD PLAY,
                                                            AND GROWNUPS WOULD CELEBRATE
                                                            A BRIGHT CHRISTMAS DAY.

                                                            THEY ALL ENJOYED FREEDOM
                                                            EACH MONTH OF THE YEAR,
                                                            BECAUSE OF THE SOLDIERS,
                                                            LIKE THE ONE LYING HERE.

                                                            I COULDN’T HELP WONDER
                                                            HOW MANY LAY ALONE,
                                                            ON A COLD CHRISTMAS EVE
                                                            IN A LAND FAR FROM HOME.

                                                            THE VERY THOUGHT
                                                            BROUGHT A TEAR TO MY EYE,
                                                            I DROPPED TO MY KNEES
                                                            AND STARTED TO CRY.

                                                            THE SOLDIER AWAKENED
                                                            AND I HEARD A ROUGH VOICE,
                                                            ‘SANTA DON’T CRY,
                                                            THIS LIFE IS MY CHOICE;

                                                            I FIGHT FOR FREEDOM,
                                                            I DON’T ASK FOR MORE,
                                                            MY LIFE IS MY GOD,
                                                            MY! COUNTRY, MY CORPS.’

                                                            THE SOLDIER ROLLED OVER
                                                            AND DRIFTED TO SLEEP,
                                                            I COULDN’T CONTROL IT,
                                                            I CONTINUED TO WEEP.

                                                            I KEPT WATCH FOR HOURS,
                                                            SO SILENT AND STILL
                                                            AND WE BOTH SHIVERED
                                                            FROM THE COLD NIGHT’S CHILL.

                                                            I DIDN’T WANT TO LEAVE
                                                            ON THAT COLD, DARK, NIGHT,
                                                            THIS GUARDIAN OF HONOR
                                                            SO WILLING TO FIGHT.

                                                            THEN THE SOLDIER ROLLED OVER,
                                                            WITH A VOICE SOFT AND PURE,
                                                            WHISPERED, ‘CARRY ON SANTA,
                                                            IT’S CHRISTMAS DAY, ALL IS SECURE.’

                                                            ONE LOOK AT MY WATCH,
                                                            AND I KNEW HE WAS RIGHT.
                                                            ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND,!
                                                            AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT.’

                                                            This poem was written by a Marine.


                                                                Video Bob wanted me to post this link …Good Night Siagon by Billy Joel On YouTube

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