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        Gotta say the cars were Hooking !! Nice turnout for sure. Spent the better part of the day there and got to see some old Dover cars and meet some new friends.


            It was AWESOME DAY indeed. We almost didn’t make it, we had tranny trouble on the T-way and turned around to go home. I called my friend who was going also and he offered to tow my car. We got there at 11:30AM and the place was packed. Our gremlins continued, but we got to take pictures with Bad News, saw a lot of friends, finally met Dino too.It was a great day I hope some got some pictures.



                one word for today
                track was packed, weather great fo4r a November day,
                everyone had a GREAT time and SAW a GREAT show,

                just sending this picture to get the JUICES going
                V.Bob will have much more and video stuff I guess Dino
                and the crew in the Dover Studio will have to set up,

                rest of my pictures on the way to Calif to Randy,,



                    What a “GREAT” finale for the east coast! Plenty of eye candy(when you get older it’s cars) Saw some old buddies and met many new ones! Hats off to all that took the time and energy and everything else to pull it off! Let’s do it again.


                        Gotta second what everyone else said.What an awesome day.A little chilly for my blood,but we got to meet Video Bob,Bob Smith,Tomatohead,Jim,and a few others from the board,and of course the one and only Dino.Thanks go out to Dino and everyone who helped get this day off the ground.It’s a tremendous amount of planning,work and stress behind the scenes.These dedicated people made it look and run as smooth as glass on the surface.BTW,Dino’s a pretty fast runner.He was all over the place.Sleep well tonight Dino,and have a safe trip back to NC.
                        June & Rudy Bleakley



                            HOLY HOCKY PUCKS !!!
                            What a day !!!
                            If ya missed it there will be 2010 !!I’m watching the video right now!!
                            I got lots of video and pics !
                            So good to be at Dover Drag Strip again to see all you great guys and gails!!
                            A special thank you for the effort everyone gave to get those ole Dover Drag Strip cars back to the track!!
                            OH, now we can get back in the garages to freshen motors ,or start building a car for next years race!!



                                I didn’t bring a car but me and my girl came out and had a great time! What a cool old time track. I’ve already got plans laid out for the winter to get my project cars done!!! Count me in next year!



                                    great day car wasnt ready but wife and i had a great time. got to see people have not seen in awhile. car turn out was kool. cant wait for nexted year when we will have ower car there. billy the kidd bender

                                        quote BOBBY S.:

                                        one word for today AWESOME, track was packed, weather great for a November day, everyone had a GREAT time and SAW a GREAT show. Dino and the crew in the Dover Studio will have to set up, rest of my pictures on the way to Calif to Randy

                                        Hey Bobby . . . I love the A-Board photo! That’s what I need to help pump the sponsors and show ’em a little love.


                                            Thanks Randy

                                            got a PM on the way to you,



                                                Dino Here…Back at home BASE ! Randy AIN’T SEEN Nothing Yet ! …Videos abound !…We’re going to Splice and edit Everybodys Stuff and Have A Killer Video Available SO All Video hounds (Already made a Topic ON that !)…get Those Discs to me .Photos ? HA! …TONS …even have access to The Track Photographers Shots of all the Winners With The Trophies .ALL Posted photos as previously stated ,will soon be moved to NEW TOPIC Heading In Multi-Media Section .All NEW submissions PLEASE Post There ! Randy …Sending you a package Of Event Goodies and the Banners. Oh -will the person that swiped the event banner at the main gate -enjoy it, But send me a photo. Might have one ,when I get everybodys sent in .
                                                ….More Event Notes :
                                                Last Run at 6:37. Eliminations were begun a hour late due to oil downs, at 3 insted of 2 …Not bad !!!crew & racers running it off that fast. Big mountain blocked sun early and temp.on track went down fast with last runs showing the differance. Next year -Adjust Month into daylight savings, warmer and start elim.s and whole event earlier. Tony says we’ll open Gate at 8 sharp.Then we can have “social time’ after last run ! Biggest hard luck guys …Linda Scinto launching the rear and driveshaft after 40 years of no problem with the camaro…Al Peters sr. blowing Something big time through the lights with his original wagon,laying down all his oil,…. not run in 9 years. Other Stories still to be reported.


                                                    Great is not a big enough word! But first the BAD luck. Left for the track at 9:30AM from my NJ house, overheated the trans in my truck and pulled of the highway. Called a friend to pull to my trailer and willys home. When he got to us he agreed to take the rest of the ride to Island. Arrived at track after 2PM. Saw a great bunch of cars. Mine never got off the trailer. Met some great people and had a wonderful time. My car and trailer are now stuck in NJ and I’ve got to get a trans in the truck.
                                                    My wife wants me back home. Even with all the problems, I am happy I made it there. It was a very very special day!


                                                        What a great turnout Got to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones I think Don Scinto still has a big smile on his face.Saw Tony Neri for the first time in 30 something years . Patina and Tomato head even though you guy’s were not able to race I think you inspired a lot of other guy’s to get there cars finished Great effort guys ! Also I would like to thank every one who was involved in putting this thing together . Next year should even be better!


                                                            My wife and I really enjoyed the day at Island. It was her first visit to a dragstrip since 1972. Really looking forward
                                                            to next years race already.


                                                                How fast is your car on the trailer ❓ ❓ …………….. I guess suptclark and I are in a class by ourself ❗ 😆 “Parked Trailer Racing” 😆 ❓ I got there at 1 pm nobodys fualt but my own trying to finish just to many things at once and suptclark at 2:30 pm cuase of a break down …………. tomato


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