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        JUNE …I’m not usually like this BUT ..when I read your story “I started To cry like a baby”…Can’t type too good right now .. The “Got Your Back “line just Hit me like a Brick ….If For NOTHING ELSE…We Gotta Keep this thing going , for ALL OUR Dover Family -Where ever they are now …It’s Stories like that That make it all worth it .

        ……………………..Ok …Recomposed ..Had to go Blow my nose 😉 speechless, From Our Song Dover Days: “Magic Moments in My Mind ..Takes me back to a differant Time “… Oh -THE KID DID GOOD….REAL GOOD ….That ’55 red-lighted on the first yellow .Sending you, for the whole Family ,a full version of the song .


            wow…..that story makes what was already a great day….even more special…..I was nervous before the final too….becase every car I raced after it got dark got very loose next to me…soooo ……his emotions were very real…..My Dad and I race together….and that makes all of our race days cool……


                Just Talked to KEVIN Dunn..Had nothing but Attaboys for eveyone..Had A ball…Willys got Lots of Looks .People freaking ’cause it’s all Steel. Wished He Could have hung in ,but long drive back to Rhode Island.Also commented that we need some social time to cook-out and “BS”


                    I have been sitting back, just taking all this in and said let everybody speak. God knows I’m all over this forum. After reading June’s letter and a few others I once again realized something. Dover was more than a little dragstrip, it was and STILL IS all about family and friends. The connections made then and now will last a lifetime. I wonder how many of the mega dragstrips can say that?? Letters like the ones on this thread will only motivate Dino and myself to work harder and to keep it the way it is, NEVER going beyond what Dover was about. The suggestions/ideas so far are REAL great. Keep up the brainstorming, folks!!

                    Bobby Smith



                        Another Dover dandy !!
                        After watching ‘The Race’ 45 min. video for the 10th time I think I’ll wait till thursday to watch it again !
                        Oh, anyone have access to a bar with a dvd player and BIG SCREEN TV around Connecticut we can have a beer and pizza party this weekend and watch ‘The Race ‘video!!!!
                        Dino, a copy is in the snail mail headed to a splicing machine near you !!
                        Dont drown out all that raw horsepower sounds!!
                        Break into JC’s???? “V”

                        ……He means Jaycees …the former Sam’s /Genes1990 In Wingdale (water hole after the races)…See “DOVER FEST” Heading …but said to say ,It’s now closed up .Oh- Dover Fest -Forgot …BRIAN !


                            dino, Did you get pics of the ” Display area “…?? I forgot my camera ( yeah I know )


                                Get This …Hardly any cars there… but we have and will post as time goes on -getting things sent to me any day now ….EVERYBODY RACED ! weather -temp a factor …also working on Show format for next year …tons of interesting Ideas !


                                    “Kevin,Uncle Danny’s got your back,you’ll be fine.Win or lose,it doesn’t matter,he’s got your back.” And my brother,minus that screwdriver,came through . . . .

                                    Photos By Greg VanEss-Track Photographer



                                        Awww,thank you so much 😥



                                            Pat Hennebery, NETO`s site care taker
                                            just up dated the OFFICIAL site with pics & videos from the race
                                            hope the videos work for everyone

                                            Bobby S.

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