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      CULLY …How ‘ bout a report from that show… DID BY ANY CHANCE —> tracks have event Flyers-rules FOR Nostalgia Dates ?

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        Dose any one out there belong to neto they could help us set this thing up.I WILL LOOK AT THE NHRA SCHEDULE a lot of the dover racers still go to these races I think early august would be good.Would you guys want to do a cookout the day before?

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          Here is the brake down on NETO classes
          cut off date 1974 body style including funny cars
          and dragsters have to front engine

          Competition “COMP”-
          Index start at 7.00 and increases by .25
          (7.00, 7.25, 7.50, 7.75, 8.00,8.25, 8.50, 8.75, 9.00, 9.25, 9.50, 9.75)
          A racer put the index group he runs on the window and the tower adjusts the
          Handicap start, ref: 7.50 car against 8.50, the 8.50 car leaves first.
          NETO uses a .400 PRO TREE for this class.

          Than there is Nostalgia=
          Starts at 10.00 and slower any dial
          uses .500 full tree
          Just like stockers do it today in NHRA.

          Go to http://www.neto-nostalgia.com all the rules are on there
          For both classes and what MINUMN electronics are allowed.
          Some of NTEO ’09 dates are on the web page
          usually Island, Lebanon, Atco have nostalgia events races/car shows
          with the area nostalgia groups there.
          As does E-town and Maple Grove.
          When I get the nostalgia dates I’ll Post them.

          Only pictures I have of Island are of NETO cars launching off the line
          No over view shots, V-Bob you have any..


          Of what I remember the other nostalgia clubs in the area use a number/class brake down,
          Nost 1, Nost 2, etc, or wording like this and have their indexs per group.
          Maybe the east Coast Gassers web page might have all this info

          Do not have site info for East Coast Nostalgia Stock/Super Stock assoc,
          Or MANDRA, (midatlantice nostalgia drag racing assoc.)
          maybe V-Bob has something on these two web addresses.

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            Maybe put a note in National Dragster, East Coast Drag News,
            Drag Racer mag, also the contact person for IHRA paper
            that this is in the making
            and that current racing Dover Dragstrip racers please contact event organizer
            if interested in comming as long as it is
            not on any Divisional / National event dates,
            they might be running for season championships.

            Sorry to miss the fest had to keep the school campus clean for
            classes being given, looked like a lot of fun from the video & pictures,
            thanks to you’s 😯 for allowing the rest of us to see the HAPPY TIMES.

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              Hey Bobby S.
              My vote would be to follow NETO’s Comp and Nostalgia classes with one addition. Add 2 heads-up classes, door and open cockpit cars. Make it a fastest car wins class with minimum rules. This can be a nice throughback to the old days. Are we going to open this to all “nostalgia type ” cars in the northeast or is this a Dover only event ? As most of us know, there are ALOT of cars in this part of the country that are into the nostalgia thing including many dragsters,funny cars and gassers. What’s everybody’s opinion??

              Bob Smith

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                Report on the A.C. Motorsports expo. Was there for the doors to open @ 10 am sat. The crowd was smaller than previous years. Drag racing related displays were Englishtown big display covering all of the different venues; they had Roger
                Toths nostalgia fueler on display. Kenny Koretsky had his Nitro fish cars. Jake Crimmons 1972 Mustang nostalgia nitro
                funny car. This year trenton speedway had a big display of cars and some of the drivers appearing also.

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                  Bobby and the rest ….Don’t worry about the “Press Release” to get the word out …Thats what I do best. BUT who’s going to be the”contact” person…Need to nail down some details first.

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                    Check out http://www.speedwayexpo.com an upcoming show in W.Springfield, Ma. Feb 27-28 and March 1. Dover should
                    get abooth there have an old Dover racecar on display Sell tshirts, sign up ODF members and get the word out that
                    we are having a nostalgia drag race.

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                      I’ve worked these shows ,Ran my own and this event is 90% oval track …Wouldn’t even come close to breaking even on Motel and Booth rental. I can reach more with Drag Racer target marketing with proven techniques. Still… DON”T have a race,, to promote, date, anything .

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                        OK OK so lets see we have Dino 1, as public relations, HVY70SS,V-Bob,jimv,storm king,masracingtd1167,tomatohead, as current racers 6 and cullyflower and Bobby S. planning board 2….. ❓ ❓ is this right ❓ this is only 9 guys …………………………………and theres like 160 views on this post………………….and there is like around 290 members on the form ❓ ………………..I think we are going to need a couple more guys for this thing ❓ I think more then 6 of us want to race ❓ ….I can run in a race show, but I never ran a race show before , so I hope we can get some help from someone with the “Brains” and “Know How” for this to take place ……….what do you guys think ❗ lets hear some ideas ……..EVERYBODY………………………………………………………tomato and YES I WILL BRING CORN FOR THE COOKOUT !!! all we have to do is boil water ❗ 😀 😆

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                          The Tomato-man hit it on the ole nail on the head ….Who’s for this ? Check-in…you guys have e-mail & private messaging on this forum ….go to profile of contactee by clicking on their user name . Suggest someone type up a outline after getting some details nailed down… scan /send or fax. plus get some phone work going. Need -track- date-rules??? A meeting would be smart for most guys in general driving distance ???

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                            WROTE THIS BACK IN EARLY DEC…..Thought you needed a reminder 😀

                            I’m seeing the possability of a real ODF NOSTALGIA RACING TEAM …what with the current projects under construction AND…what I feel the Site has Sparked…. SERIOUS thoughts of “getting back into it”….Bulding Clones” …Finding old half restored cars and finishing them. ……. Just “Imagine “AND thats what we’re all about” …they way we did it back then is
                            THE WAY WE COULD DO IT NOW …IMAGINE —-> Then Take the idea to Being Real …Concept to Reality ! This Is MY “Imagine” :
                            An Announcer —-(Me Of Course) at say Island or Lebanon says:
                            You’re in for a Real Treat Today fans! from out of the past …to put on a spectacular show of how it was at the Fast track -Dover- are THE original Cars And Stars Of those Famous Swingin Sixties ….when you built em yourself and Ran Heads Up !…in the pits getting ready to rock …IN the Original ,restored, Carmel Ford A/FX Falcon “Mr 4-speed ” Drake Viscome …..Andy Panessa wheeling “The Plain Busted” Nitro AFX Dodge…Wacky Video BOB Bartkus in the Recreated Little Giant B/A, built with the combined efforts of the original owners and ODF members all over Ct. …..Paul Bayarinas in the awesome Dover Tribute AA/Gas Willys….. Storm-King Gary Smrtic driving the “Crusader” altered wheel base A/FX Dart…the recreated Bad News C/A…. Bob Swanson and the original restored Danbury Modifiers 1961 A/gas Dragster….Bob Krosky’s Original “Break-Away” firebird…..The AA/gas Bee-line Automotive Willys….and more …Howies here! …so are all the cars from Reunions past on display now in the pits !!!!!!
                            Can’t happen ? if you thought like that …you never would have gotten out of the garage……………………….
                            ADD :
                            Psycho-Willys…Smokeys Henry J…Grovers car ..Blown Hearse Restored And Clone…and a bunch I forgot !
                            ….the old Whinemaker is being restored (By Who?) The Mystery Indian EXSISTS…The Original Pacers Roadster …Keep thinking and theres a TON !

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                              Does anyone have a 57 chevy I can have , after I cut the rear fenders , gut the entire car , 150 lbs battery in the trunk , paint it 65 mustang poppy red , hilborn injected 302 , I PROMISE, I’LL RETURN AFTER THE RACE , anyone ? anyone ???
                              😈 👿 😆 … Billy

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                                I was working on my car today so I can try to be ready when this thing gets the “GREEN” light ❗ anyway I also E mailed Tony at Island and asked him basiclly what he thought about the idea and to try to ckeck out the website and the forum for more detailes IF HE WAS INTERESTED , AT ALL ❓ remember we still need a place to drag race first right ❓ anyway yes everybody else races there NETO ,Rod and Custom Car Clubs and others so chances are good I think, so I will wait for a reply , so I guess you guys can wait too ……………………………………………………………………………………..tomato 😐

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                                  Come on guys lets here what you have to say ❗ I am running back and fourth from the computor to my car working on my car and checking to see whos got anything to say or any Ideas ❗ ❗ I know alot of the cars at the Dover Reunion are in running condition but we need to get together how many WANT TO RUN ❗ ❗ ❗ this will be more then FUN 😆 it will be HISTORY 😀 come on guys any input ❓ ………………………….tomato

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