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        This is the last of the line….so far! This was Bill’s Pro Stock hemi Duster at Dover. He and his partner and me, to a lesser extent, built this car. No fancy chassis shops and race car boutiques for us back then.



            COOL ! …you found some old photos! What year ? how long you have it ?Times run? who Beat ?…come on …tell the history !


                This is the car that there seems to be great confusion over. This is a ’64 Plymouth we built from a wreck to replace the hacked up “Black Arrow” shell. Far from a repudiation of Doc, that’s the way funnies were done back then , quick and dirty. We wanted to run Super Stock; so we built this and got rid of the hulk of the original car. We changed the rear panel to look like a ’65 and hung all the acid dipped steel on it and away we went. It didn’t even have the original hemi in it, which we kicked a rod out of at Conn in ’68. This had a Ramchargers built hemi in it. That’s my dad with the sprayer in his hand, and Rick Redfern of Kelly Motors in vails Gate with his back to teh camera. He ran the SC/Rambler on the trailer behind our car in the picture. Towed the dang thing with that little Jeepster too, and was that ever squirelley!



                    Hey Storm King you have some nice pics, any motor shots? How about the name Storm King were did that come from? Down in the village past Wood ave on Hudson street there was two service stations back in the 60’s and seventies Bill’s Texaco then just a little further down was a a shop called Storm King (I think) I swear I remember seeing the Duster at the shop,,,,,,,,but could be a memory glitch too 😕 ……. say did I read that right the original was scrapped in 71?


                        The front end of what was really the “Storm King 3”. This is the clone car which is now in Conn.
                        Jackman, the name came from Storm King mountain. It may even have been our Mom who suggested it. It has a local connection to our home, and a powerful image at the same time. Bill and I used to hike up Storm King pretty often when we were growing up. I was surprised when I realized our fire departments there in Cornwall were called “Storm King” Engine company.
                        I really don’t think the Duster was ever in any shop in the Village since it was sponsored by Newburgh Park Motors, and that’s also where Bill worked for a time. Most of the work on the car was done at the dealers in off hours. (bill should be telling these stories).
                        Yes the originall “Black Arrow was scrapped around ’71, maybe ’72, but somewhere thereabouts.
                        Here’s some more to confuse everyone. The engine in this car in the picture later went into the pro stock Duster. The engine in that red hemi Coronet in the background later went into the ’65 in this picture and is the motor that was in it when we sold it to Doc.
                        BTW: Those are REAL American magnesium wheels on the car



                            More of Storm King 3



                                Here’s a few of the wrecked ’64 undergoing its transformation into a ’65 990 car. That is the factory nomenclature, not bracket ET, for the hemi super stock cars for you of the great unwashed GM persuation. that barn was our race shop in Vails Gate.



                                    And here’s the moth emerging out of its cocoon, O.K., its a rebuilt wreck seeing the light of day for the first time after a rebuild.
                                    It was a pretty clean car when we got done with it. Everything underneath was light blue like under the hood, suspension just all black, but finished. Everything else our usual metallic blue and white. I’ve got more good stuff, like two of teh Storm King’s together in one picture, but I need to have them sized to fit. Waitin’ for my son to help me out there.



                                        Time for another Memory glitch,,,,,is that pic coming out of the barn over in Vails Gate at 5 corners?

                                        Thanks for the cool pics, they sure are nice to look at even the cars in the back ground a neat ,,,,,,, an S/C Rambler and 68 Charger a hemi Coronet 😎 I was born just a little too late for this stuff……….. thanks for the pics


                                            Very good, yes, that’s the Marshal’s barn at five corners. We rented the entire building for $35.00 a month! We cut holes in the upper floor (with a axe as I recall) and dropped chains through it so we could make a low buck full body lift. We had two pieces of pipe with attach points to the factory bumper and rear suspension points and then we’d hook a chain to them and turn the car on its side so we could work underneath it to clean remove sound deadener, and paint it.
                                            ‘Nuther story about the barn; they had a root cellar right next to it that was used in the underground railroad.


                                                Hi Guys,

                                                Nice photos and history. Intresting.

                                                Andy Panessa


                                                    More coming; I’ve just got to size them. Nice to meet you Andy! I wish I could have stayed the entire evening at the Reunion.


                                                        Ahhh the barn, What a history. I rented the barn with Rich Ianolo for about 2 years.
                                                        Then with another guy for 3 years before they sold the property and leveled the place.
                                                        At the time I owned Sam Ianolo’s 69 dart. Back halved it and added a 440There was alot
                                                        of nice cars and some big horsepower that came out of that old barn.
                                                        There was a 70 road runner, 68 dodge rt, 71 dart and apair of 68 cuda’s.
                                                        What a blast from the past. Thanks Storm King………..


                                                            Yes I recognize the barn from the Ianolo’s , I was over there once while selling a bumper to Bob, if you were not invited back there you would never even know there was a shop with drag cars strange right smack ine the busiest intersection in town too… Hey Extreme nice to see another Cornwall guy here I hardly know the Ianolos but the last time I saw Sam mid 90’s he had a mid 60’s Coronet parked on his property was really nice looked a lot like the Storm king if I remember right had the Super Stock hood and a greyish or purple paint job was real clean.


                                                                Just about all of the Ianolos Mopar stash they bought from my Dad when we got out of it, and then of course he moved to Tennessee to be closer to Bill. I was supposed to go there too after I got out of the Air Force. Didn’t know it at the time, but I never did go to Tennessee; I got a job at Rockwell International in Oklahoma right out of school after my military service, and ended up in aerospace for about 30 years. Now living in Kentucky and back doing ’60’s Mopar drag cars and going to Dover. How weird is that? (not you, Dino)

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