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        Tappan Zee?


            ‘GOLD RUSH’

            If it was classed in SS/D in 1968,,,,,,,,,it was a 100%,,,,,,, SS396/375 HP L-78.

            In 1969,,,,,,,,,,,,(early part of the year, SS/E) and (later part of the year, SS/F)
            In 1970 and up,, ,SS/F

            I’ll be looking for you at the Bear Mountain Bridge,,,,,,,,,,

            Height above the Hudson River,,,,,,,,155 feet,,,,,,, 😮
            The ‘acceleration rate’ of a ‘free-falling body’ is 32 feet per second.

            Should take you about 5 seconds, before you hear the sound of water,,,,,,,,,, 😮


                Thanks for all the help you guys….Maybe you could start a new topic thread ….Worst move anyone ever made selling a car!… I can be number one on the list.
                When i watch the next Barret Jackson auction and see a true 66 chevelle 375 hp go for 100,000 i can say i had one of them and sold it to those guys in Bridgeport one nite in 71.



                    Definitely a bad move,,,,,,,selling that car….
                    At least you weren’t the first,,,,,,,or last to do so,,,,

                    There is a long line of us out there,,,,,, 😥



                        Right Paul ….and A great Idea for a new Topic!


                            Doug, I don’t know if it will make you feel better but this car was special ordered right at the start of the 66 model year. The 375 option was not available (or at least we did not know about it) at that time. We did not learn of the 375 horse option until after the car was delivered (Page Motors in Milford, CT). The car originally had a 360 horse motor. The 360 horse motor in the car died within a year. At that time an over the counter motor was purchased and the car was upgraded to the SS/D configuration. Before the motor was installed in the car the new motor was torn down and built to the specs outlined by Bill Thomas in a book he had written on building big block Chevy engines.


                                Bill thanks for the reply that makes me feel some better…. for some reason i think something happened to that motor and i put a 427 in it. So you helpfull guys with bridge stats!
                                I now know i didn’t own one of 3100 built just a great car that i bought from a great guy in Milford that was one of the fastest things here at the time…..so much for the trip to Bear Mountain all you guys have a great Xmas and New Years



                                    Well at least you are saved from a ‘long jump into the river’,,,,,,,,,,

                                    Had to check,,,,,,,,,the 1966′ Chevelle SS396/375 HP cars were at a distinct disadvantage in 1968,,,,,,when classed in SS/D.
                                    Back then, the SS/D class had a wide range,,,,,,,,,7.80 to 8.69 Weight-to-Horsepower factor…

                                    Once the Wt/HP factors were re-aranged in 1969,,,,,,,SS/G = 8.50 to 8.99 Wt/Hp, the Chevelle SS396/375 HP fared much better.
                                    In 1969 it was classed with the 68′ Ford 428 Cobra-Jet Mustangs.



                                        Paul thanks for the stats no more bridges or river jumping i have the new Chevelle now and i won’t sell it or the 46 chevy p/u i chopped the top and has A 454 WITH 2 4S ON IT EVER!


                                            No Bridge Jumping,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Damn,,,,,,,,,,,,

                                            I had my whole weekend worked out for a nice ‘public viewing’,,,,,,,,, 🙁

                                            I figured after the jump,,,,,,,I would have headed over to Cold Spring for lunch,,,,
                                            then down to the river bank to retrieve the body,,,,,,, 😆

                                            Happy New Year,,,,,,,,,,,paulie


                                                Awhile back this was posted: “Brian thinks he has a shot of this car…he’s going through his albums” I am wondering if anything has turned up? This car was also raced in 66 and at least part of 67 without the lettering. It’s the only gold 66 Chevelle I saw back then so if anyone has an unlettered gold 66 SS Chevelle photo from that time period it is most likely the car. Thank you for all the help on this


                                                    Hope this helps a little,

                                                    1966 Class,,,,,,,,,,,,B/S
                                                    1967 Class,,,,,,,,,,,,A/S or SS/D


                                                        Paul, Thanks for the info.

                                                        The car started out in 66 running Pure Stock. I think that’s what the class was called, no modifications, no open exhaust and street tires. If my memory is correct it only ran Pure Stock at CT Dragway. Did Dover run pure stock? Later in 66 it ran Stock after the addition of headers and slicks. During 66 the car was still running the 360 horse motor which for 66 put it in D/S but not sure.


                                                            As far as records go back,,,,,,,,,,

                                                            No Pure/Stock classes at Dover………

                                                            Tracks who had a Pure Stock Class at one time;
                                                            * Connecticut Dragway
                                                            * Fonda Speedway
                                                            * Utica-Rome
                                                            * Tri-Cities (Binghamton-Endicott)
                                                            * Islip Dragstrip
                                                            * Atco Dragstrip
                                                            * Englishtown

                                                            Note: Can’t remember who,,,,, but I think it was Capitol in Maryland, had Pure Stock Classes every week up until May 1st,
                                                            then when it got busy they switched Pure Stock Classes to every other week.
                                                            Then when it got slow in October, they went back to every week….Smart guys

                                                            Only Stock Classes for Trophy,,,,,,,,and $ Eliminator…at Dover Drag Strip.

                                                            The 1966 Chevelle SS396 (396/360 HP Code #L34)

                                                            Car weight = #3372 lbs. had a weight factor of 9.36 Wt/Hp.

                                                            In 1966, it was classed in B/Stock (8.70 – 9.49 Wt/Hp).
                                                            In 1967, it was classed in A/Stock (8.70 – 9.49 Wt/Hp) or (SS/D in Super Stock)
                                                            In 1968, it was classed in C/Stock (9.00 – 9.49 Wt/HP) or (SS/E in Super Stock)

                                                            Note: In 1966 and 1967, it was in the same class as the 396/375 HP L-78 Chevelle SS396 cars.

                                                            Some 1966 Chevelle SS396 (396/360 HP #L-34 Code) information to follow.



                                                                Everything 1966 Chevelle SS396 (396/360 HP, Engine Code #L-34)

                                                                Power ratings;
                                                                360 Horsepower @ 5200 RPM
                                                                415 Foot Pounds of Torque @ 3400 RPM

                                                                Prouction Numbers; 24,811 (Very popular car)

                                                                * The #L-34 Engine code option; (Cost $105.00)
                                                                * Engine block casting #961 (4-Bolt Mains early-production) (2-Bolt Mains late-production)
                                                                * 10.25 – 1 Compression-ratio (Pistons with .201″ dome)
                                                                * Pressed piston pins
                                                                * Forged steel crankshaft
                                                                * Camshaft ‘Hydraulic’ (.461 Intake lift / .488 Exhaust lift) (300* Duration) (114* Center-line)
                                                                * Oval-port/Closed chamber Cylinder heads (Casting #3872702) (2.07″ Intake / 1.72″ Exhaust) (96.4 CC Combustion-chambers)
                                                                * Cast iron Dual-plane High-rise intake (Casting #3866948)
                                                                * Holley Carburetor; Model #4160 / List #3419 ‘Square-bore’ Single-feed’ (600 CFM / Vacuum-secondaries) (1 9/16″ primary / 1 9/16″ secondary)

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