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        Seen that happen with driveline alignment problems, and or torque converter that ballooned.


            About the TCI transmission mishap…

            My friend here in North Carolina is putting a similar TCI unit in his ’66 Sting Ray (which he ran at Dover in it’s day BTW) as we speak and it leaves me to wonder …

            If Mr. Tomato Head’s misfortune is a result of drive a train mis-alighnent issue then what is the most up to date method to insure against that…? Is there some kind of laser device that can center things up properly…??? Anybody…? We have to know now as a matter of timelyness, y’understand…


                John, I’m sure you remember a guesstimate with a ‘leaf’ spring suspension, was 2 degrees positive pinion angel, correct? There’s several
                companies that make a ‘drivetrain angel finder’, to check what the spec’s are. If ‘Mater’ Joe knows a local ‘Ford’ dealer pretty well, they might let him borrow,or rent it. I kinda agree with John, that’s the ‘culprit’ causing the problem! GOOD LUCK!…. 🙄 Pete.


                    …………… we seen to all agree ( ME PETE and TCI) that the front u joint FAILED sending the driveshaft spinning out of control threwing the whole thing out of balance 😮 causing the driveshaft to go back n fourth up n down vibrateing within the driveshaft loop taking out the case and tail housing front pump 😯 etc. ……TCI helped us out they said send it back and checked everything out ,converter did not balloon they checked it said it was still good along with all the other parts valve body clutches drums but the case tail housing and front pump and input sahft and flywheel were DONE ………….. Anyway PETES got a new custom trans with a SFI bell housing and a trans brake with a new yoke and balanced driveshaft with bigger u joints , NEW trans came from FB trans in Long Island 😀


                  Viewing 4 posts - 136 through 139 (of 139 total)
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