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        Sorry about posting that question on the B & L thread. Mi’ dolente’.

        Before I send (mail) my pictures to you in Rockingham. We lost almost all our photos over the
        years. Misplaced or thrown out. Still trying to have my sister Susan track them down at her home in Somers, NY. All our pictures were taken through slide negatives, which will have great resolution, if we can find them.

        What happened to “Trick TanK”, 1962 Dodge Wagon, 383, 343 HP dual-quad, G/SA car,
        painted light-blue. One of my favorite cars at Dover. Car ran 12.70’s or so. I think was owned by Joe Kenney out of Hopewell Junction. Won a lot of $ Stock Eliminators at Dover in 68′ and 69′. Remember once in the finals, between him and Mr. Valentine. The “Pied Piper” caught him at the end.
        Remember in early March 1969, I’m home in bed with strep-throat watching The Wide World of Sports, watching a week tape-delay of the NHRA Winternationals in Pomona, California
        and on the screen in Stock Eliminator is “Trick TanK”. He made it to the semi-finals.
        No pictures of this car anywhere???

        OK. Dino, How about a JR. Stocker. The 1966 white Biscayne “BIS-KWIK”. I think it ran in
        C/S. Ran against the 68′ GTX 440 cars. Was at Dover several times. Not sure if it was
        sponsored by Don’s. Someone found that car recently, on the side of a garage in
        NEWTOWN, CT.



            Photo safe with us…we scan and return as quick as possable…sometimes Same-Day…understand value. Trick-tank…sure great car, right on -Joe Kenny….come to think of it A LOT of cars out of Hopewell…Brian —police the town ! …searching for photos…Video Bob should come through (the famous ATTIC )….going to Get THAT whole file Soon …he’s giving to me In Person…just to be on safe side, at reunion . Whos got the sighting on the Bis-Kwik? get him on here .


                Trick Tank was Bruce “Tiny” Lund’s car. He was a buddy of Joe Kenney’s. Car was always filthy, but looked good from 20 feet.. Bruce was standing around one day as we were unloading the car after it had been raining. The car slipped off the trailer ramps and was resting on the rear end housing, the slicks dangling in mid air. He handed my Dad his drink (he always had a mixed drink in his hand, it seemed) and bent over under the car, lifted it up on his back, and set it back on the trailer!
                I think I’ve already posted the question of where did he go in “where are they now”. He was a huge guy, well over 300 pounds, and had this tiny little 100 pound wife!


                    Trick Tank was owned by Joe Kenney. He died in a plane crash.

                    Andy Panessa



                        Your acorrect. That’s (2) CANOLI’S for you from Artuso’s bakery off McLean Avenue in
                        Yonkers, and a set of Chrome-Moly Push Rods.
                        Joe Kenney of Hopewell Jct, owned “Trick Tank” in 68′ and 69′.
                        Saw his name listed (on the internet) on a points leader race meet at an NHRA points meet
                        at York in 68′ Joe was listed with a 62′ Dodge and from Hopewell Junction, NY.
                        Also, his car was profiled in a magazine article (68′ or so) showing the car, which highlighted
                        the rocker-arm assembly.
                        Never forget, back in 69′, while my father was in the staging lanes at Dover, my fathers friend, Louie Vignogna took me over to the starting line, right near the staging lights
                        (Tower side), and told me to watch the front-end of “Trick Tank” as he staged at the line
                        (I was only 12 then, and had no idea what I was looking at). He said, take a look at the front tires, and damn, the passenger side tire was a couple of inches ahead of the driver side tire, a staggered front-end. Was that legal? Anything to gain a couple of tenths. Still that critical back then. Now those guys were true trickster racers.
                        I think Joe Kenney ended up with a 69′ Camaro (maybe convertible) 350 ci/255 HP that
                        first ran J/SA or K/SA, then switched up to SS/MA in 72′ or 73′. May have help with or some sponsorship with Valley Performance, Hopewell Junction. Again, car did real well!!
                        Plane crash, with Ralph Meola from Speed Parts Center, Elmsford.

                        Paul (Enjoy the CANOLI’S)
                        Plane crash, I think with Ralph Meola from Speed Parts Center, Elmsford.


                            This gets interesting…Lee Valentine and the Automobile Shop gang-Davitt-Hormente, had plenty of tricks, like that staggered front end. One was custom race car front end alignment.They would stack 4 cases of oil in the draivers seat -3 on the seat ,one on the floor to similate driver weight & position,when setting front end with drive on alignment machine. Would jack car to launch height and ‘Dial it in” . Lee was a starting line expert in staging, did a lot of study on it-‘Book Learnin” . Oh- 100 lbs off…tenth of a second gained. Any Body GOT a photo of “Trick-Tank” ? I’m dead-ended here.And lets get the Newtown guys (danbury) lookin around for the Biscayne.



                                Thats (3) Big Blagojevich’s for you.
                                You open one Dover door and 5 more open.
                                Will post BIS-KWIK info in about 20 minutes or so.

                                Storm King (Gary) is right about one thing. “Trick Tank” was not the cleanest car at Dover.
                                Looked like the base-coat of the car (light-blue) was painted outside with a brush, and
                                in a dirt storm. Grime embedded in the paint. But many pretty cars in Stock Eliminator couldn’t hold a candle to the way that car ran. AHH! 383/343 HP Dual-quad. Es Muy Bueno’.
                                Louie Vignogna was pretty hep on the late 60’s tricks. Showing me, a 12 year old, a staggered front-end. The only staggered front-end I liked at that time was Raquel Welch!!!

                                Have to charge Storm King (1) Pinion Snubber though, on Trick Tank’s ownership, unless the skinny guy took over in 70′.




                                    This was passed on to me by Mike Cursando.
                                    1966 Biscayne, white 4-speed with a 427/425HP engine.
                                    Owned by John Rines, in Maine.
                                    Sponsored by Goodwin Chevrolet, Brunswick, Maine.
                                    Ran B/Stock. (Probably faced “The Pied Piper”, when attending Dover)
                                    Raced at Sanford, Maine…. Connecticut Dragway….. Lebanon
                                    Ran 12.30’s in B/Stock
                                    Ran at New England Dragway (AHRA) Formula 3/DS Class
                                    Held an AHRA record for that class.
                                    Ran at the 68′ Super Stock Nationals (August 68′ ; New York National Speedway, L.I.)
                                    Beat Sox & Martin in the SS/H class eliminations (AHRA designation), Sox & Martin
                                    were running their 68′ Plymouth GTX 440. Dick Landy in his 68′ R/T 440 was knocked off
                                    by Sox & Martin earlier.
                                    Car was sold in 69′.
                                    Found by Gary Dancosse’ of Manchester, CT. Supposedly the car was found in Newtown, CT
                                    on the side of a garage. Car was featured in MY CLASSIC CAR.
                                    Car had to be at Dover sometime in 68′ or 69′. You know my memory, I remember that car
                                    at Dover a couple of times, not a regular, but it was there.
                                    Wasn’t there a Don’s Speed Shop in Newtown, CT. I know there was one in Metuchen, NJ.

                                    More to Come.


                                        Wow…So we gotta ask GARY …Street address and dispatch our ‘henchman” with camera and notepad.


                                            Tiny was running Trick Tank in ’69. Yes it was Joe Kenney’s, but I think he was running the rag top Camaro at the time. I’ve got a picture of John Macey’s Led Zepplin showing Joe the way to the finish lights. (It’s what he gets for switching from Mopar) Does anyone remember Joe Kenney’s Plymouth “The Undertaker”? I think it was a ’63, he had the hood blow up in second gear at one race, never lifted and won the round! I think it ran B/stock. He crashed in Washington lake, incidently, within site of Steward field.
                                            And you ain’t getting no snubber, Paul, ’cause I’m right! 😆 (Mopar only recommends snubbers on standard shift cars, by the way.)


                                                .- ____ …..—– attic !!!



                                                    Video Bob,

                                                    Thanks for backing me up on that one. Looks like “BIS-KWIK” ended up in the hands of someone connected with Don’s Speed Shop, Newington CT, in 69′, after John Rines sold the car. Maybe it was at Dover in the 70’s too.
                                                    Looks like “BIS-KWIK” had a best ET of 12.15 @ 112, in B/S. Then went into 3/DS (AHRA)
                                                    and set the record at 11.50 @ 121. The car had “Record Holder” lettered on it. Must have campaigned a bit at New England Dragway (AHRA track?).

                                                    OK Gary, Mr. Storm King. First off, you don’t need any Pinion Snubbers, if I recall your
                                                    63′ Max-Wedge was an automatic, and the Storm King II (former “Black Arrow” S/SA) was an automatic. So you must have at least (2) loose Snubbers laying around for an 8 3/4 rear.
                                                    I only need one. Now, if you have one of those Sox & Martin lightweight adjustable units
                                                    that you don’t need, well I’ll take that instead. You said, they are not needed for automatics.
                                                    Now they way those cars launched, with the Super Stock springs, I bet there wasn’t one mark
                                                    on the rubber snubber or under-carriage below the back seat (unless Tiny Lund was in the
                                                    back seat).

                                                    Paul …. This has been a DIRECT-CONNECTION.


                                                        God the stuff we used to throw away! There isn’t a thing left from our car days. Dad sold everything that we had left to some kids in Cornwall , the Ianola brothers. If anything escaped N.Y., I probably threw it away when I moved them from Tennessee to Oklahoma. If it escaped to Oklahoma, I know I threw it away before we came to Kentucky. I really never expected to be playing with cars again. After all, I was running 7 flat at 192 on a bike that cost me 13 K all in. Do that with a car!
                                                        I do like the new snubbers those guys are doing that thread up and down, and have a pin to lock position. Much more adjustable than preset stops on the old S&M units; but I don’t know how neccessary that is. they just look right.
                                                        I’d probably use them with today’s tires anyway; at leaset do some testing with them. I’m putting a crossmember on my Dart where the factory snubber would impact just in case I decide to use one.


                                                            Well this got interesting…My question is how did Paul Gather so much info on that car ?…Bis-kwik?



                                                                My old girlfriend Cathy used to live in Central Jersey. I used to remember seeing Drag cars
                                                                down there with Don’s Speed Shop (out of Metuchen, NJ) lettering on the car. Don’s was pretty famous down there, and had their name on quite a few Englishtown cars.

                                                                Fast-forward. I remember seeing “Bis-Kwik” at Dover, not a lot, but a few times. Since I was into watching the Jr. Stockers and Super Stockers, I remember alot of them. Always at the
                                                                starting line, when my father headed into the staging lanes. Of course you can’t forget
                                                                “The Pied Piper” (probably the most famous of the stockers at Dover). Everytime he ran, you just had to watch. That’s why I remember “Bis-Kwik” (B/Stock). Had to be 68′ and 69′.
                                                                70? not so sure.

                                                                Now, “Bis-Kwik” had lettering on the front fenders, Don’s Speed Shop. Also, was a car you could not forget if you saw it, basic white Biscayne, with clean lettering. And who could forget that catchy name. The memory of that car kind of stayed with me.

                                                                Fast-forward. About 3 weeks ago, my friend and Dover patron Mike Cursando, e-mails
                                                                me and tells me that he saw the 66′ Biscayne “Bis-Kwik” on MY CLASSIC CAR. I tell him that
                                                                the car was at Dover, and I remember it. I asked him, Where did they find it?, and he said
                                                                Newtown, CT. And I e-mailed him back, and said I think that was where Don’s Speed Shop was. He e-mailed me back yesterday (after you asked), with a bunch of information on the car. He told me he got the information for the car through MY CLASSIC CAR.


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