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    Wanted to get this one on the list. Other than having a picture of their altered need other forum members to fill in
    the details on Speed Parts Center.

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    Good Call Cully…we have a lot on them….how could I forget .

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    Speed Parts Center,
    Location; Elmsford, NY (off Route 9A, near the intersection of Saw Mill River Road and
    Tarrytown Road)
    Cement block building painted green
    Owner (back then) Ron Dollinger
    Really the first complete performance machine shop in the area (mid-Westchester)
    Also sold speed equipment.
    Back in late 69′, he was so busy, you had to wait 3 weeks to get a set of cylinder heads done, and he wasn’t cheap either.
    Pretty sure he built the Rat motor for Ritchie Schott’s.
    Ralph Meola was associated with the place.
    Have a couple of shop stories. Do you want me to add them?


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    Here is a picture of the sedan delivery when Andy Kinash ( now runs the WIZARD chevelle wagon) & I
    got it home, towed this home from the barn/garage it was in.
    Had to cut the trees away from the doors of the building.
    Early 70’s if I remember. Had no motor in it but the trans and headers were there.
    We never got it on the track plans changed, was sold to a local guy
    left out side for about 2 yrs, that POOF gone no one remebers for sure where it went
    stories it stayed in the lake carmel area but no proof.
    Another piece of Dover history gone but not forgotten,,
    Bobby S.

    5/13,,, still have no new info on what happened to it after leavine lake carmel.


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    What a shame, I love jr stk sedan deliveries. Maybe Drake remembers something about it?

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    Bobby S

    Great find on the Hatch’s All American car.
    Hatch’s was on Washington Street, in Peekskill. Nice little 2-bay garage, selling American Gas.
    That was a nice wagon, is that O/SA on the fender.
    Here’s the motor story. Back when my father had his machine shop in Jefferson Valley (1971 thru 1978) someone brought in a motor that they got (supposedly) out of that car. I’m pretty sure they were from Peekskill. It wasn’t a 283. It was a 327 block with lightweight pistons
    (Brooks or something like that). Maybe thats why the car ran a little quicker than it should have. Of course no one would cheat (I mean bend the rules a little) at Dover.

    * Maybe Mr. Fink had one too many trips to the Stop Light?

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    Speed Parts center was the sponsor of Ralph Feola’s 1957 corvette, that along with super punkin made the LAST RUN down Dover drag strip. I had my motor done by them, ran great but as was said BIG $$$$$.

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    Bunch of Speed Parts Center info HERE Already….:(why I say -Use search Feature -probably got it )
    Click ——-> http://doverdragstrip.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=239

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    found this up in the attic next to the Army foot locker under S , Dont bogart that — my friend ,past it over to me !!!The girls are off ,so it took me longer to find the pics!



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    not fair !!


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    Bobby S (Senor Roberto)

    Since I have a few extra minutes this morning.
    Didn’t HATCH’S ALL-AMERICAN have another 57 Chevy wagon, that may have run in 72′ or
    I believe (or think) that it was a 2-door, painted blue on the bottom (same color as the
    American Gas blue), with a white painted roof.
    I’m pretty sure it was dual-quad 283 (245hp or 270hp) that ran SS/LA or SS/MA.

    As for Speed Parts Center pricing. I think we may still have a bill/receipt paper somewhere.
    My sister or brother have some old Cuda stuff. If we can find it, I will post it.
    My father related to me.
    Cylinder Heads: Plymouth 273 4/bbl
    3/Angle Competition Valve Job
    Machine guide bosses for Crane Teflon seals
    1 set of Crane Teflon seals
    Mill heads .010
    1 set of valve springs (TRW stock replacement)
    Set spring height
    Cost $323.00

    September 1969

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    The sedan delivery was raced by Gary Pierce& Gary Brown . They lived in Buchanan , they sold the car and partnered on a B/D i believe for a short time.

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    Need to get some shots of these cars…AND as you guys bring up new guys names …Find them and steer them to the Forum .

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    WOOPS!!! That Corvette ended up on my ’67 Camaro’s rear bumper somehow 😳 😳 . Ralph wasn’t too happy about that 👿 😈 Some DUMMY did a 8,000 rpm reverse burnout 😮 🙁

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    Just got a Stash From Brian (from Ralph Feola’s Son Chris)…Here’s a Find…


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