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    quote Paul Ceasrine:

    Speed Parts Center,
    Location; Elmsford, NY (off Route 9A, near the intersection of Saw Mill River Road and
    Tarrytown Road)
    Cement block building painted green
    Owner (back then) Ron Dollinger
    Really the first complete performance machine shop in the area (mid-Westchester)
    Also sold speed equipment.
    Back in late 69′, he was so busy, you had to wait 3 weeks to get a set of cylinder heads done, and he wasn’t cheap either.
    Pretty sure he built the Rat motor for Ritchie Schott’s.
    Ralph Feola was associated with the place.
    Have a couple of shop stories. Do you want me to add them?


    FOR the Record Paul…Shott Built ALL his own engines…lot of “warranteed” big- blocks at Vince Byrne Chevrolet in Mt.Kisco, when he and Bobby LeRagina worked in service dept. stories from Richie,about running em dry -oil & water …till they blew….then salvaging those great 4-bolt main blocks.

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    Gary ‘The Hatch” Pierce…Now in Florida, just signed on as our newest ODF!.Said he has a bunch of photos…Will post if he sends to me Or maybe he will .Owner of the 57 sedan delivery and worked at Speed Parts Center.

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    Here is the picture when Andy Kinash & I brought the sedan delivery home, more info on it on page 1 of this post.


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    Very cool Bobby 😎 😎 😎 I used to love that 😀 car………..

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    Jeff Schlesinger in Florida just related Tommy Hurd has passed away Recently. Getting More Info…Stand By.
    Ruth ,his wife kept it lowkey.He passed in January.

    *****Just Talked top Bob Summer in Valhalla. BENEFIT SHOW FOR HIS WIFE TOMMORROW …Music- Food -Bikes
    To help Ruth with expenses…At PRESTIGE CYCLE ..Elmsford ..Just down the road from Pete’s Salon going towards Tarrytown on Rt 9a area.

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    found this today

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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