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        Everyones favorite “Super Squash” is scheduled for surgery in Boston tomorrow. I’m sure he’d appreciate a note from his friends. Maybe some new pics from Sweden.


            Ok guys …One of “our Own” ….Hit the Reply button Here ….E-mail or PM him…….Casey!…”give them the old Dover run for their money” 😎 ……. put the win light on …hurry home and heal up…we need you ready to Be Chief Starting Line Official at the Nostalgia Drags …after your Cameo apearance with Dunn at the Reunion! Tomato Head …we need a pumpkin pie for Bill to snack on when he’s home . 😆



                Billy in Beantown,I bet he went to help out the Celtics and the Red Soxs !!!

                Gotta take a ride to R.I.and see him and Dunn when he gets back to his home 20!!!
                I’d send him a strip o gram but the last time I was in R.I. I drove around all day without seeing anything other than seagulls!!
                Bets of luck to ya ole Super Pumpkin !!!
                God bless !!



                    I wish the best of luck to my old neighborhood buddie Billy Casey… You can take some comfort in knowing that the technology in this area of medacine has improved greatly in the recent years.

                    Billy… Get back to us just as soon as you can.


                        Can just see him ,trying to wheelstand the gurney 😯


                            Billy get well soon, just got back from Boston myself (and wife) nice town but no parking, BUT great food in the north end.



                                Bill you can do it 😉 ❗ ………. I remember the doctor coming to see me before I had my surgery,……… he said “ok your first” ……………….. and thats how I like to run at the track ❗ ……. I had 😮 “DOUBLE” 😯 hernia surgery and you dont even know you had it till you wake UP ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ 😯 … SO line up and make your run BILL ……… then you get to rest for a couple of weeks ❗ 😆 😆 ………………tomato ❗


                                    Hope the old man is doing well,need him to tell GRIFFEN how to drive.
                                    Bob Lasko


                                        HEY BILL
                                        never personally met you but i certainly recall your name and wheels from back when at Dover
                                        in for a tuneup…sounds like a good place to be if needed
                                        Best Wishes Bill…get it done and hurry back
                                        Tommy Day


                                            Bill, Good luck today. I really didn’t know you even though we were at the track just about every Sunday. My brother ran a silver Anglia (4 door chopped) in gas and altered. Get well soon and we look forward to seeing you at the Dover reunion at Island Dragway.

                                            Rich DeLelle


                                                Talked to Billy last night he seemed to be in good spirits . He’s a pretty tough guy .As soon as I hear any thing I will put up a post


                                                    I am here with Kevin Dunn, we both wish you the best of luck with your surgery.
                                                    good luck
                                                    John Delelle


                                                        Yeah Speed, I agree with Dino, I wanna see you standing at the starting line wearing white pants (the ones without the mustard and catsup stains) and a bright red shirt doing your best Buster Couch imitation.


                                                            Billy Griffin just called said he talked to Donna and Billy is out of surgery and everything went well.we wont know much for a few days but as soon as I hear anything I will pass it along.


                                                                great to hear that things went well,
                                                                went to Doc’s today for adjustment and he mentioned
                                                                that while you are resting 😆
                                                                keep those ideas coming for him
                                                                and Al on their shoe box race car, 😮
                                                                they need ALLLL the help they can get 😉 😀 😳
                                                                rest up now and get ready for the race,, 😛

                                                                Bobby Schlegel

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