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    Speaking of Newburgh speed shops…….who remembers “Ed’s Custom Auto” on upper Broadway (17k). Got my first Concorde Trac-Action tires there in the early 70’s along with my first Accel Super Coil!! What ever happened to him?


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    Jocko’s had a Newburgh store on Broadway for a while, it’s where we met Tony.
    I think the Salisbury Mills shop was Orange County Speed, where Bill bought his first Bell helmet (first and only, I think he may still have it).
    Ed’s…now Bill has a great Ed’s story. Ed was quite a character. I worked with him for some time. I did the flared fenderwells on his Dart; before I knew anything about bodywork or fiberglass. They were ugly! I’ve got one pic of that car in the hot car pits. Bill needs to get here and tell the Tony and Ed stories.

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    Didn’t Tony from International Hayloft (Rt. 22 in Southeast) get involved with any promotions. He sold a ton of parts and cigarettes out his store, adjacent to the
    “Ski Haus”. Maybe you didn’t squeeze hard enough. He got more than a few grand from us.
    We sent him a ton of business. We never got anything either.
    Storm King, not the speed shop in Salisbury Mills, it was an engine rebuilding shop, somewhere off Route 92. This was in 1980, the shop owner despised performance guys, and hated race work. His shop was a specialty shop, where he rebuilt Model A and Model T
    engines. Even had his own babbit system. A spotless shop. Bought a Tobin Arp line-boring machine and Tobin Arp rod boring machine. Big Bucks $ back then. Was trying to sell him
    a Storm Crankshaft Grinder. How the hell could a guy in that small town, do so well.
    Specialty work is where the $. Hard to make it, unless you specialize in something.

    Hey Sue, download the pictures to the site.
    * “Jocko’s Racing”, 1967 black GTX 440 SS/F, $ Eliminator white shoe-polish on the
    window, Cragars. One in the hot car pits, and one at the line giving lights to a Pontiac GTO>


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    Finally Moved This Whole thing From New Guys to Where It Belongs.

    Davie, Florida

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    Hey HVY70SS,

    I do remember Ed’s Specialty very well. The “Wacky Racer” out of Newburgh area. His shop was near Morehead Auto Sales (Ron Frost fame) and Floyd’s TNT Ignition (tuning shop).
    Ed’s black 66′ Dart (273) ran against my fathers K/S 67′ Cuda in 71′ and then in 72′ (L/S).
    Probably damn near 30 races against each other. In 73′ he went into E/MP, popped in a
    340 and tunnel ram (if I recall). Bad move, was in against Willie Harmony’s “Kandid Kamaro”.
    I think the Dart ran 12.40’s or so, then disappeared in 74′.
    We changed some body trim and converted our Cuda to a 68′, put in a 340 for 73′ and ran SS/I.
    After some tweaking, were running 12.10’s, won class trophy the last 12 weeks in a row.


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    Not sure if this is the correct thread for this.
    A related M & M Spped Shop/Tony Chickery “MR ED” info story.
    I first met Tony in 79′ (after Dover closed) at his shop in Lagrangeville. Off Noxon Road.
    Typical small town shop, drive through some hay-growing farm land properties, and come upon a large mailbox with “Chickery’s Automotive” lettered on it. Drive up a long dirt driveway (about a 1/4 mile or a 10.70 run for a S/S Hemi Dart), and come upon a 3-bay
    garage. Tony was the first guy on his block to have a Sunnen CK-10 power stroke honing machine, Storm 85-B blockmaster milling machine, Bridgeport miller and a Stewart-Warner
    balancer. Same performance shop equipment as Elmsford Speed Parts Center and
    Professional Machine out of Mt. Kisco. Standard equipment for proper performance shops.
    I think Tony may have also been moonlighting at Broadway Auto Parts in Newburgh as a
    machinist, while still working his shop. I saw him at Broadway Auto Parts in the shop several times.
    We talked about the factory Super Stock (1 of 70 or so) Hemi Dart. Everyone thought that he named the Dart “Mr. Ed”. Story goes, that he bought the car sometime in 69′ from
    Ed “Mr. Ed” Knesevitch, out of Ohio. Ed lettered the car “Mr. Ed”. Tony re-painted it, but stayed with the “Mr. Ed” moniker. Bought the car from an ad in the National Dragster
    (I’m guessing late 69′). I think he said he paid $6000 for the car. Knesevitch gave up on the car when he couldn’t get the car below 10.90’s in SS/B. Tony, if anyone remembers went from
    SS/B, to Pro/Stock, to A/MP at Dover. Despite the end result, it was a nice car.
    Never asked Tony what he did with the car, seemed to be a sore spot. Anyone remember. ❓
    Tony also, said that he was looking at Charlie Castaldo’ Hemi Dart back in 69′. Does anyone remember the For Sale Charlie had in the passenger’s side rear window. I think it was
    listed for $5500. OUCH ❗ ❗


    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . you’re cool Paul….Until, I guess, we go with a Tony Chickery heading…You do astonish me with your memory…More !…{edit-dino]

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    Paul: Heres the story. I never heard of Chick working for or hanging @ broadway Auto must have been after I left NY in ’77. As for the Dart we (he) bought it in early 1971 or late ’70 I know this because Chick is my daughter’s Godfather and she was born in April 1972 and we just got it no more than 1yr earler maybe late 1970. There were 80 Dart’s & 80 Cuda’s built by Chry/Hurst in 1968 to run the BB Vette’s in SS/A and A auto. The name is right but the car was just the way you saw it, name & paint when brought home. We were sitting in the speed shop one night and saw it in National Dragester and he called and few days later Chick & Bruce E Smith hooked my trailer and took a ride to Greenup Ky. Ed’s directions were go to Columbus and take a left thats were the Ohio part came from. We ran SS/AA & SS/A (w/4speed) then changed the grill & headlight bezels to make it a ’69 to run Pro Stock, installed a tunnel ram w/two 1050 Dominators & a new roller cam (which M&M bought for him X MASS 1972) cars couldn’t be older than 4yrs to run class. The best the car ran was 10.0s which was pretty fast for a door slamer back then w/13″ rubber. Now you know the real story. Thanks for remembering Tony. Rich, M&M Speed.

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    I knew I was close. It was nearly 30 years ago, when I talked to Tony. Do I get a A-.
    I get some credit for literary license. I met Tony in 79′ or 80′ at his shop. Must have been after you left. As for Broadway Auto Parts, in Newburgh. Tony may have been doing some performance work their, or something to that affect. Now I know Broadway Auto Parts had a Crankshaft Grinder their, and Tony may have been interested in it, because Broadway wanted to sell it and buy a new one.
    I was right about your location in Dutchess?. I don’t think I ever was at the Kingston shop,
    but I did spend some time at Albany Avenue Auto Parts and the big diesel shop right off the thruway.
    As for the Dart, I guess it was 70′ when you got it, not 69′. I remember Charlie Castaldo’s Dart
    running at Dover in the fall of 69′, or maybe 70′ with a For Sale on the passenger side rear window $5500, I think. Then his Dart disappeared from Dover, and Tony was then campaigning one. We all thought Tony bought Charlie’s Dart, because Charlie was campaigning a 70 SS/DA Hemi Challenger at the same time Tony was running the Dart.
    We never saw Charlie’s Dart and Tony’s Dart at Dover, at the same time.
    Was right about the National Dragster info, and Ohio related area, or along the Ohio River.
    After the Super Stock class, the Dart was in Pro/Stock for a period, and then into A/MP.
    I remember with the weight/hp breaks in Pro/Stock, nobody was going to catch that
    Camaro “MIMI”. And of course, T & K with that medium-blue El Camino in A/MP was no fun either.
    What happened to that car? Did tony sell it or strip it.


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    Looking for some information on a 1968 L78 nova. It was last in the Pleasant VAlley area in 1978 time frame. Anyone remember a car like this? It was green with a black vinyl top and gold interior?? It is a pretty rare car! It is one of 617 cars built with the 375hp L78 option.


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    Hi: Guy/Gals anyone wanting M & M Speed decals (2 per request) e-mail us and we will send N/C. They are the new decals look the same without Poughkeepsie, NY on them and our new phone number other wise the same. Allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery. http://www.mmspeedcustom@aol.com
    Triva queston: What year did we change our colors from black & white to Red, White, & Blue? Easy one

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    YEAR WAS 1976, 😛 😛

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    Bobby; You WIN!! Too easy your next time in Fla I’ll buy lunch. Thanks, Rich

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    quote Jason 68 L78:

    Looking for some information on a 1968 L78 nova. It was last in the Pleasant VAlley area in 1978 time frame. Anyone remember a car like this? It was green with a black vinyl top and gold interior?? It is a pretty rare car! It is one of 617 cars built with the 375hp L78 option.


    Rich e-mailed me a said his cousin in Dutchess county might know of a previous owner of my 68 L78 SS Nova. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have been searching for owner history pre 1978 for 6 years. I strongly believe this car was from the mid huson valley region.


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    If it was already posted here it is again!



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    It was ……Thats ok …Instant Reply ! look out …he’s up in the attic again…strange fumes from the foot locker …. 😆

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