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        SPEAKER …Video Bob …SPEAKER , not sneaker…SPEAKER !


            I buy a chicken ,my neighbor ,he buys a chicken!!!
            HIGH 5, great success!!!!!
            Vhat size sneakers use vant??????



                He’s finally lost it…………..NOW about the Freaking Speaker… see Brians Dover Guys Visit Track topic NEXT WEEKEND …take a 4WD and tow the whole damn pole down and Take it a secure location .

                    quote dinotheweirdo:

                    He’s finally lost it…………..NOW about the Freaking Speaker… see Brians Dover Guys Visit Track topic NEXT WEEKEND …take a 4WD and tow the whole damn pole down and Take it a secure location .

                    Haven’t you ever heard of special telephone pole climbing gear…???



                        If I get a phone call Sat ….” Brian & Bob: if you or any of your dds csi force are caught or captured, The administrator will disavow anyknowledge of your actions ….this reply will self distruct in 10 seconds.”


                            I got my sneakers on and ready for the speaker hunt tomorrow!One thing ,
                            If we invite someone to say something on the video I’ll be taking tomorrow could we introduce him as our ,ready for this,

                            “GUEST SPEAKER”

                            ‘V’ Bob


                                The picture of the entrance with the tech booth in the background really hit home. Just how many times have we been through that gate? Great picture.


                                        BECAUSE THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST NOW & THEN TOPICS …loaded with info and Photos…and answers to most commonly asked Questions …(Also “Dover’s Last Day” put here too)…I decided to make them always in view (Sticky-stay sat top of General Discussion).


                                            It was both this thread and this other one also [ ] that I was refering to on Christmas eve when I wrote this in my poem…!

                                            quote :

                                            T’was the night before Christmas…
                                            and out on the trail…
                                            those old Dover farts…
                                            gone back to Wingdale.

                                            Just looking around…
                                            not much to remember…
                                            just an old pair of sneakers
                                            as they sat on a fender.

                                            Just then a small Elf…
                                            pops out of that shoe…
                                            with a white fuzzy face…
                                            and a microphone too.

                                            Said… “Attention…! in the pits…
                                            and your other parts too…

                                            The loudspeakers were hung …
                                            on the tele-poles with great care…

                                            and that old Christmas tree…
                                            in staging right there.

                                                quote HVY70SS:

                                                That Long Island deal fell on it’s face!!

                                                Bob Smith

                                                I have no idea who told you that, but that is not true.

                                                We aren’t done here by a long shot.

                                                We got the right people elected and are moving toward having a temporary plan in place for this coming season..

                                                Problem as i see it is everyone hears some bs and quits….

                                                Join us and see what is what…do not listen to bs rumors


                                                    I don’t get it!! We are a major sponcer of the event and we aren’t quitting, in fact we have comitted for next year!!
                                                    Rich, M&M Speed


                                                        Rich (M&M),
                                                        Can you explain to me what event you are a sponsor of? Have they got approval for a track on Long island? As far as LIMA is concerned I wish them ALL the luck in the world with getting drag racing back on the Island. About two years ago I followed that deal intently and I remember them running into alot of red tape. Back then every racer and website I knew of from Long Island said it was over until they got a certain politician out of office. I just figured it was over. If a new track/motorplex is being built anywhere in New York, I’ll be there opening day. I hope it’s true.

                                                        Bobby Smith


                                                            Sorry I read it wrong I thought you were talking about Dover/Island event, I was P–ted then realized it was you and went back, cause didn’t understand??
                                                            Sorry again, Rich


                                                                No problem!!! Over the years I lost count of how many people think Island Dragway is on Long Island. If that deal (in my last post) comes through on Long Island it will be HUGE. BTW, the M&M banner on the new Challenger looked great at the Dover race!!

                                                                Bobby Smith

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