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        Check out these links he gave us…more “imports ” from us to them , must be there !


            Hi Billy….

            Your car was imported to the UK by Richard Smith and soon after sold to Ricki Di Tomaso. It was raced by Colin Mullan’s Speed Shop as all three of them were friends. They ran the car with a 440 Mopar(sacriledge!) as I believe Colin was heavily involved with Mopar’s at that time.
            My friends Pete and Maggie Devlin then bought the car and it came with a 327 fitted.
            I was at a friends custom shop, Gary’s Shack in London, one Saturday morning when Pete and Maggie arrived with the car en route to their first race meeting. They had fallen out with their intended crew man and asked if I could help. I jumped at the chance! This was the start of my relationship with The Pumpkin and a very close friendship with Pete and Maggie.
            Sadly they split up around 1980 and the car was sold. I have kicked myself ever since for not buying it. It went to a well known racer who ran it for a season and then it was sold again and put briefly onto the street. This was when it changed colour to black. It was then sold to Sweden and I lost touch with it for 25years.
            A few years back a Swedish guy sent me the ‘rough looking photos’ and sought out my information and photos of the car. When I saw the condition it was in I have to admit to getting very upset. How could anybody have let such a perfect car deteriorate so badly? However…The Swedes have been busy restoring her and I was proud that they chose to put things back to the condition as we raced her in 1976. I do however now feel guilty that they have used my photos as a reference rather than putting things back to ‘your car’. I hope this does not upset you too much Billy.
            I love that car with a passion so I can begin to understand how you must feel. I have had TriChevies of my own and went on to succesfully race a ’65 Mustang but it is Super Pumpkin that is my own first love. I hope this makes sense as I know that really it is your car.
            I would love to hear about your time with her if you feel able to talk about it so I hope we can stay in touch. I have joined the Dover group to study the photos from your time.
            If you have any questions please ask.
            Best wishes



                The above link takes you to the latest restoration pictures from Sweden. I’m not sure why they have written the name in prismatic tape rather than silver leaf but otherwise it seems pretty good.


                    I lifted one shot from that site…………………



                        Just for kicks to add to the history…From MY personal files right after I lettered it .



                            Hi guys!
                            I’m new here and I’m propobly the last man of us who touched Super Pumpkin with my hands…!!! 😉
                            I’m from Sweden – named Ralph (called “Raffe”) – and I’m not SO good in english, sÃ¥ ta det som det kommer..!!! 😆

                            Okey, I sat with the owner yesterday and read the topics. We found lots of information and nice pics here.
                            The guy – named Ola – is realy old school and don’t have a computor or the knowledge how to put it on…..
                            But he bought Super Pumpkin in London -82 and smuggled in to Sweden – oopps….
                            And at that time the car was black U know…. He sold it, but keept it in mind and bought it back 2006.
                            And then I started my research on Internet to get so much information and pics as possible….
                            Took a lots of pics of Super Pumkin out of a film from Santa Pod at the 70’s when Pete Devlin had it.
                            Bad quality but nice flashbacks…. The DVD is named “Time Travel #14″….

                            But NOW we have found the place – thanks to Dino – and we are ready to re-do some things to get it back to the 70’s….
                            He/we wants to know so much it’s possible – and get BIG, nice pics in my mailbox….
                            For example we could’nt see that it was silver leaf at the pics we had. But I figured out that it wasn’t plain color….
                            So therefore we took spectra-tape, that was a hit in the 70’s…. In Sweden anyway…

                            Just now, we havn’t done anything on the car for a while, but U guys just started us up again…..!!! 😆
                            Keep it up….




                                Great job Raffe, welcome aboard! 😀


                                    Raffe! “explain” SMUGGLED to Sweden ??? for our guys . And…Keep in mind , most old photos of the Instamatic- 3×3 print era…kind of small, grainy and even one of our Photo collections was done with a camera in the 70’s, that the girl GOT from sending in Cereal Box tops ! …But We have them saved as best quality as allows from Original old prints.Will put together a “Bunch’ and e-mail . Dino


                                        Okay… “smuggled to Sweden” = f-ck the taxes….
                                        So it can never be registred because it don’t exist…. in the swedish register….. hrrmm….
                                        Hope U get it…!!!

                                        And ALL photos are welcome – no matter of size…..!!! 😉


                                            Check your e-mail Mon. ! what 57 chevy?…. 😀


                                                Raffe….I was going to write to Peter Lilja this weekend and give him the link to this forum. You beat me to it!
                                                The car is looking good… 🙂


                                                    And I have ordered some silver leaf….!!! 😆
                                                    What have been done – Can be re-done…. Or what U say….


                                                        hi steve and ralph … bill casey here … i can’t explain how excited i am about this … i’ve wondered for years what ever happened to my first real racecar that i built from scratch … over the 7 years i raced it there were many changes and i actually remember all of them … i’m so happy to see it’s in good hands and your doing a beutiful job on restoring it … as soon as i get a chance i will spend the time and do the complete history from 1965 when i bought it untill 1973 when i sadly sold it … i’ll be talking to you 😛 Billy


                                                            The “Super Pumpkin” is what I call “A Hot Rod with a Resume”

                                                            If that car could talk… it would have some stories to tell. But it can’t so we have to tell it. So keep telling it…

                                                            and… here is my version of that: … Click on it…!



                                                                “GROSSA ZUCCA”


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