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    Wow …We Lost The V-BOB…Just talked to his sister…5 min. ago. She said his surgery went well a couple of days ago ,but severe complications set in . One of the many Blocks in the Foundation of our Revival of Dover going back to 2008. More when I get it.  As He Would Say “Holy Hokey Pucks”

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    Here’s Bobs FIRST post for all of you to remember him by…one of the original ODF’s.

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    Hi,Bob here!!
    Great to be on the web site of the greatest drag strip ever built,”Dover Drag Strip”!!
    Born back in 49′ six years before the BIG flood of 55′ came through the Naugautuck valley in Connecticut!!
    I first went to in Wingdale,NewYork in 1963!!
    Just as a sepctator with a 126 Kodak camera and a Brownie camera shootin blackn’white film! I still have every pic I took!!
    I can remember the flag starter jumpin in the air like it was yesterday!
    I watched my local heros from my hometown of Watertown,Connecticut.The Watertown Customs car club had,
    the Brazee Bros.,George and Joe and their main wrench Chuck”Ziggy” Sabis,with that orange Crosley , “The Little Giant”,then they went to a “Woody Car” Jr.Fueler!!
    There was Charlie Boucher with “Bad News’ C/A pickup!
    Stan Adams and his B/A Fiat “Slow Motion” his crew “Beepers” and Ray Chasse !!
    I drove a 60 olds, 67 Corvette ,73 Corvette,and a bunchof 55′ Chevies,all street cars but when you got to the tech line and got a tech card from Joe Tanner and his mark on the windshield it was a race car!! Did you know racecar is the only word you can spell backwards and comes out the same!!!
    Now I am a member on NETO!!!
    I ran a 57′ Chevy in Nostalgia with the clubfrom the clubs first race!!
    Best ever was going 5 rounds at Englishtown in 2001 na dget in the winners circle!!!
    Now I help Vince and Paul Bayrinas with their 34′ AA/Gas Willys flyin the Dover Drag Strip .Com colors!
    I guess you can call me a ODF and will not take offense at that being said!!
    You’ll see me always with some kind of camera in hand!!
    Happy trails and look forward to meeting old and making new friends on the site of the greatest drag strip in the world “Dover Drag Strip”!!
    Bob Bartkus

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    I am deeply sadden by this turn of events, I spoke with him last week and he said he was going for surgury Tuesday he sounded good. We’ve lost another good friend and brother. My prayers and condolences go out to his family. Would someone please e-mail me Bob’s address so I can send a card.

    “Holy hockey Pucks”


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    Very Sad news ….. He always hugged me went we met , Always

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    Personally,I felt a “GREAT” loss, with one of my best ‘Dover’ friends,I ever met, that I was
    blessed with! As the saying goes…Bob would light up the room, once you saw him,at any of
    the events we shared together,throughout the years! He was the ‘backbone’ of our ODF club,
    with one thing in mind……”DEDICATION” to “DOVER” !!!…….Pete.

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    IN Memory Of V-Bob . . . Mailing Address:

    Robert Bartkus

    18 Edward Ave.



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    ^^^^ … Thank You D …

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    Sue and i are in total shock and sadness… a racer and a true friend.. you will be missed … man will you be missed !! … keep em’ laughing up there and like you always said… see ya in the staging lanes … we love you !!.. rest in peace … our condolences to the family..

    sue and chuck

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    So sorry to hear this. He was such a great person to see at the track…always had a smile. His dedication to Dover nostalgia was amazing dating back to ’08-’09. Really gonna miss him. I’m sure he’s turning on win lights with all the Dover greats in Heaven! My condolences to the family.

    Bobby Smith

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    Here’s V-Bob/s Funeral Info..


    Tuesday, June 30, 2020
    4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

    Chase Parkway Memorial
    430 Chase Parkway
    Waterbury, Connecticut 06708 Get Directions on Google Maps

    Mass of Christian Burial

    Wednesday, July 01, 2020
    10:00 AM….Then About 11:30 at Cemetary

    St. Joseph’s Church
    46 Congress Ave.
    Waterbury, CT 06708

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    Wow, that’s devastating news. 🙁

    I talked with Bob last year in the pits at Lebanon Valley’s Memorial Day Musclepalooza.

    Snapped a couple of photos of him leaving the line right afterwards.

    Prayers go out for Bob and his family.

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    To “ALL” you ODF’ers out there, wishing you a HAPPY 4TH of JULY, to you,and your’
    families! BE SAFE,and ENJOY!!!…….Pete.
    I’m still having a very hard time accepting the loss of ‘our’ great friend, ‘V’ Bob,
    I’m sure your feeling this also!

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    I like everyone else that knew Bobby are still trying to process this great loss.
    I knew Bobby about 50 years and he was always good company. He loved making new
    friends which we all know how well he did at that. 🙂 Although we are all sad that
    that Bobby is gone, I hope that you will smile when you think of him. It was a rare
    time when he couldn’t make you laugh. 🙂 His unexpected passing makes us all realize
    how precious life is, especially with this Corona virus infecting our country. My good friend
    Carl “Bootie” Booth and myself went to Lebanon Valley on Sat. July 4th for the LODRS Division I
    event. As a spectator we had papers to sign, wear face masks, your temp was taken before they
    put a wrist band on you. Over the PA system, they were reminding people to practice social
    distancing. That being said, it was still nice to be there. I saw some old friends and Patina I spent
    some time with Tom Goldman, who pulled out his 40 Willys after retiring it 13 years ago to race
    his Corvette in Super Gas. Tom told me before the event that he was doing a complete “do over” on
    his Corvette when NHRA postponed racing with no return date. So when NHRA rescheduled their events,
    Tom dusted off his trusty Willys. ….Everyone please take care of yourselves and take this virus seriously!
    ps. Tom’s chopped top Willys was once owned by Patina with original stock roof. Pete “Baby Cakes” I was
    thinking of you also. 🙂

    Be well, Frank…

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    Frank I didn’t know the valley was open I would have gone up. I need to do something but lately have lost all motivation and ambition. It would have done me good, I think I’ll start up the MG today. Could you send a copy of the picture with you in front of the Willys. Stay safe all.

    Ciao Pat

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    FRANK, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, back at ya !!!! That was ‘thoughtful’ of you!!!! Yes I knew that was
    Pat D’s 40 Willys, that he had built,and painted yellow, like Ray Kobel’s, and Jack Merkel’s ‘steel’
    Willys. A ‘super’ nice ‘steel’ Willys coupe!!!
    I wish I knew Pat,back then, when he sold it, my wallet would have been thinned out, but yet,I would
    have loved to own it,and worth every penny!!!
    Getting back to V Bob, I’m still struggling with loosing him, it never should have happened, way to
    young….so “SAD” !!!!!!!!……Pete.

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